Keep calm and carry on doing business - iVvy is both PCI and GDPR compliant

Posted by Silverstripe Admin on 4 July 2018 | Comments

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Your data is your greatest asset - and your greatest vulnerability. Protecting your customers’ records, safeguarding your financial reporting, even limiting views and access to specific roles within your venue - iVvy takes its responsibility very seriously for our 12,000 users in 13 countries. 

PCI level 1 is the highest level of compliance, and requires third party audits to meet the strict standards.

The categories that the PCI standards cover include:

  • Maintaining a secure network
  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program
  • Regularly monitoring and testing networks
  • Protect Cardholder data
  • Implement Strong Access Control measures
  • Maintain an Information security Policy

Our solution upholds the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of your data, 24/7. It's why international brands and government agencies trust iVvy - and why yours and your customer’s data is in safe hands with us.

For more information on iVvy’s security policies, click here.