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The Sharing Summit program includes a variety of presentations focusing on YuMi Deadly Maths in primary, secondary and special school contexts.

Download a draft version of the program with abstracts here.

Please note that this is a draft only and is subject to change. A printed copy of the program will be provided in your registration pack on arrival.

Keynote speaker – Monday 30 October

Colin Saltmere, Managing Director – The Myuma Group (Myuma Pty Ltd, Rainbow Gateway Ltd and Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation)

Colin Saltmere is an Indjalandji-Dhidhanu man from north-west Queensland who spent his early working life on pastoral properties throughout the Barkly region and is today recognised as a leading contributor to his community in one of the most remote parts of north-west Queensland/Gulf of Carpentaria.

Colin served as Regional Chairperson and Councillor with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (Mount Isa & Gulf of Carpentaria) from 1994 to 1999. From the mid-1990s, Colin assisted his people to establish the Myuma Group of social enterprises to manage opportunities stemming from their own native title and cultural heritage interests, and to respond to the socio-economic development needs of their broader regional community.

Colin’s extraordinary successes in the past 20 years through the Myuma Group, which trains and delivers First Australians into ‘real jobs’, have been recognised through a number of awards, including the Premier’s Reconciliation Award for the alliance between Myuma and the Department of Transport and Main Roads in 2013, and the Award for Exceptional Indigenous Business in 2015 from the Queensland Resources Council. In 2014 the Queensland Resources Council also recognised Colin personally with the Indigenous Champion Award.

Colin holds the position of Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Queensland, and was a member of the YDC Advisory Committee at QUT from 2010 to 2015.

Keynote presentation:

Dugalunji: Pathways to wellbeing and success

Myuma embeds Indigenous knowledge in its award-winning accredited Indigenous training program. Priority is given to ensuring participants have a deeper understanding of and pride in their Indigenous history, identity and culture. The setting for the training (Dugalunji Camp in Camooweal, north-west Queensland) provides a supportive, bush environment with discipline and an emphasis on healthy ways of being. This presentation will walk people through some of the ways that Myuma has been a successful participant in Indigenous students’ pathways to wellbeing and success.