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Pacific Security Dynamics

Sep 2017
01:00 PM
Massey University Albany, Albany Expressway Albany New Zealand 0632

Course Description
This 4-day course focuses on policy-relevant strategic approaches to the study of comprehensive security and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, relevant to the interests of New Zealand and partner nations. The course examines current and emerging security trends and issues, such as shifts in regional geopolitics, major power competition, inter-state and intra-state conflicts, terrorism and transnational crime, security aspects of economic development and trade, environmental, maritime and human security challenges, as well as the role of regional multi-lateral institutions.

The security environment in New Zealand’s near neighbourhood: the Pacific Islands region, is emphasized. It includes an examination of the security-development nexus as a useful lens through which to understand the challenges facing the Pacific region. Humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and climate insecurity will be discussed as well.
The course utilizes an interactive, “participant-centred” model, with expert presentations by Massey academics and senior government, business and civil society speakers serving as scene-setters for subsequent small group discussions and exercises.

Who is the course for?
This course will benefit individuals or teams from New Zealand and foreign governmental agencies, defence and security organizations, private industries, and non-governmental organizations interested in security and development in the Pacific region. The course provides a platform for inter-agency, whole-of-society and region-wide security dialogue and networking.

Course Objectives and Outcomes
This interactive course will:
• Enhance understanding of current and emerging transnational and geopolitical issues focussing on the Pacific
• Synthesise and evaluate strategies and options in unfamiliar and complex national and regional security situations
• Identify international collaborative responses
• Develop professional national, international and whole-of-society networks


The course will commence at 1300 on Monday 4 September and will finish 1400 on Thursday 7 September. 

The program will be fully catered, including an evening networking event on Monday 4th September. 

Lead Academic Presenters and Facilitators

(International and local guest speakers from government, business and NGOs to be announced at a later date)

Professor Rouben Azizian

Professor Rouben Azizian came to CDSS after spending 13 years at the US Defense Department's... More

Dr Anna Powles

Dr Anna Powles's research and teaching expertise is in the geopolitics of the Pacific/Oceania... More

Dr Marc Lanteigne

Dr Marc Lanteigne is a Senior Lecturer (China, East Asia, Polar Regions) at the Centre for... More

Dr Joe Burton

Dr Joe Burton, senior lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy is a part of the New... More

Dr Jason Young

Dr Jason Young is Senior Lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at Victoria... More

Josie Pagani

Director Josie Pagani from the Council for International Development is a regular media... More

Andrew Needs

Assistant Secretary, Pacific Branch, Pacific and Development Group As Assistant Secretary,... More

Charlotte Beaglehole

Head of International Branch, New Zealand Ministry of Defence The International Branch has a... More

Dr Jane Richardson

Dr Jane Richardson is a research officer with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies and... More







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