Global Resuscitation Alliance 2017 Australasia Masterclass - Call for Abstracts
(submissions close @ 5.00pm on Friday 05 May 2017)

You are invited to submit an abstract for the 2017 Global Resuscitation Alliance Masterclass taking place on Tuesday 8 August in Adelaide, South Australia.

In our role as the Australasian arm of the Global Resuscitation Alliance(GRA), CAA is seeking abstracts for presentation at the 2017 GRA Masterclass.

The day-long Masterclass, on Tuesday 8 August preceding the CAA2017 Conference in Adelaide, is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the international agenda seeking to elevate out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rates.

The Resuscitation Academy (RA) (which has expanded to become the GRA) began in Seattle, Washington, where more than 60% of people who experience cardiac arrest in a public place, live to tell the story.

The RA provided an opportunity to share lessons and experience on these remarkable figures, based on a ten step program, and improve survival around the world.

Ten steps to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival

1. Establish a cardiac arrest registry
2. Begin telephone CPR with ongoing training and QI
3. Begin high performance EMS CPR with ongoing training and QI
4. Being rapid dispatch
5. Measure professional resuscitation using the defibrillator recording (and voice is possible
6. Being an AED program for first responders including police officers, guards and other security personnel
7. Use smart technologies to extend CPR and public access defibrillation programs to notify volunteer bystanders who can respond to nearby arrest to provide early CPR and defibrillation
8. Make CPR and AED training mandatory in schools and the community
9. Work toward accountability – submission annual reports to the community
10. Work toward a culture of confidence

In 2015, the Global Resuscitation Alliance (GRA) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to help further the Academy’s work. The Alliance mission statement:

Renowned international organizations, emergency medical services, and resuscitation leaders achieved consensus on the establishment of a Global Resuscitation Alliance May 28-29th 2016 in Copenhagen at an international Utstein Meeting.

This global network focuses on collaborating to implement best practices to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The participants committed themselves to the ambitious target of increasing survival rates by 50 percent.

This agreement, signed in Copenhagen, Denmark and constituting the culmination of years of international effort, is a major and decisive step in global efforts to save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest.

The participants support the establishment, mission, and goals of the Global Resuscitation Alliance and commit themselves to continue this important work.

Now you have an opportunity to contribute to this exciting initiative with a dynamic, high-level 20-minute presentation on a project or research that builds on one of the ten steps.

We are looking for a range of presentations that address each of the ten steps – in separate papers.

Use this link for more information on the Resuscitation Academy and the GRA.

Please CLICK HERE for a PDF version of 2017 GRA Masterclass Call for Abstracts.

Guidelines for submitting your Abstract

We recommend that you prepare the contents of your abstract in another editor (Word, TextEdit, etc.) to ensure you have a copy of your submission.

Upon submission you will receive an automatic email letting you know we have received your submission.

Your submission must not exceed 250 words.

You must upload a photo of yourself and a short bio.

The presenting author of accepted abstracts will be provided with full complimentary conference registration.


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