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Ticket Information

Type Price Quantity
Team competing at own school $27.50
Individual student competing at own school $9.90

Event Details

RACI Queensland Branch - Chemical Education Group
S. E. Queensland Regional Titration Competition - 2020

The competition has been revised in light of the COVID-19 changes. This is for all Qld schools who would normally have competed at UQ, QUT, Griffith Nathan, Griffith Gold Coast, USQ, CQU, or JCU, or as a Remote School in 2020.

If you have registered your school prior to 18 March 2020 you should have been contacted by the Qld Regional Coordinator about the new arrangements. Please do not register a second time. If you wish to register more teams than your original registration please contact the Qld Regional Coordinator.

Your school is invited to enter teams in the S. E. Queensland Regional Titration Competition. Students from Grades 10, 11 and 12 are eligible to enter.

Location: Own school venue

The closing date for entries to be received back from schools via email is the end of Term 3, 3pm on Friday 18 September 2020.

Venue Capacity: Maximum of FOUR teams per school is encouraged. If you wish to enter more teams please contact the Qld Branch Office for further advice.

Registrations should be made as soon as possible to ensure that there is sufficient time for samples to be posted to you. The competition should take place at your own school on a date of your choosing. The result sheet should be emailed back to the Titration Coordinator by 3pm Brisbane time on Friday 18 September 2020.

Further information about how to run the Titration Competition in your own school can be found here.

Download the 2020 competition documents.

Instructions for online registration:

The email address and name of the teacher / person entered at the start of the Online Registration process, will become the PRIMARY CONTACT for the purpose of this registration.

Credit Card Payment will be required at the same time to complete the registration.

Select the Ticket Type and number for each Ticket. You may select multiple Ticket Types e.g. Teams and / or Individual Students from your school - with or without glassware. Please only register a maximum of four teams unless you have discussed this as above.

Select "NEXT" at the bottom of each page.

Question: “Are you one of the Attendees”.
Select Answer 2
“I am the Primary Contact and attending the event”
“I am the Primary Contact BUT NOT attending the event”


1)   For the purpose of online registration, selecting option 2 above will ensure that you are not counted in the invoicing, which is set up to count the number of teams / students participating in the competition.

2)   Follow the prompts to proceed through the registration process.

3)   On the attendee information page do not add details of the students, just select "NEXT" at the bottom of the page.

4)   Complete online payment using a Visa or Mastercard. Registration will not be confirmed until online payment is complete.

5)   Ignore the date on the ticket / registration page / invoice - the competition can take place in your school on a date of your choosing anytime and results returned before 3pm Brisbane time on Friday 18 September 2020.

If you require further assistance please contact the RACI Regional Coordinator, Pam Chantrell.





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