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Difficult Conversations | 26 October 2021

Tuesday, 26 October 2021 from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

EMA Consulting Training Facility - Hindmarsh


Difficult Conversations Training


Poorly conducted disciplinary meetings exposes the organisation to legal risks and in doing so destroys relationships with employees. This program builds upon the knowledge gained from MyEMS' Investigation and Disciplinary Management course, ensuring that Managers and Supervisors are well equipped to effectively conduct disciplinary meetings.

This course provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills required to enable them to:

  • Have difficult conversations
  • Run effective counselling meetings
  • Review performance improvement plans
  • Suspend employees (serious and wilful misconduct)
  • Conduct effective response meetings
  • Know what to do and the way forward when a warning is given


Difficult Conversations

This topic enables participants to define difficult conversations and identify when they are likely to occur. Participants are also introduced to EMA’s pathway to building effective relationships via the Genuine Conversations model. Difficult Conversation Reference Points are then set, which ensure hat the environment created when engaging in difficult conversations is conducive towards seeking improvements in conduct and or performance.


This topic revisits counselling, the situations under which counselling should occur and the role of improvements plans. The purpose of counselling is then explored which provides participants with the necessary insights to be able to conduct effective counselling sessions.

Learnings are then put into practice via exposure to several roleplay exercises which enable participants to sharpen their counselling skills within a safe environment.

Suspending Employees

This topic provides participants with the necessary knowledge and practical to ensure that participants are able conduct effective suspension meetings.

Response Meetings

This topic revisits the legal risk and related process associated with running effective response meetings. The primary aim of response meetings is then workshopped which sets the scene for further roleplay exercises, where participants are provide with an opportunity to hone their skillsets.

When a warning is given

This topic ensures that participants unders

Who should participate?

This course caters for Managers and Supervisors who are required within their day-to-day duties to manage employees. No prior experience or knowledge of employee management is required.

Pre-Requisite Training

Investigation and Disciplinary Management (IDM) course.

Date & Time

Tuesday, 26  October 2021

Full day | 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Location & Pricing

EMA Consulting Training Facility
Unit 4, 215 Port Road, Hindmarsh 
$425 per person plus GST


This course can also be offered on-site at your premises, contact the EMA Consulting office on 08 8203 1700 for more information.

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