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Full Terms & Conditions of Care for a Camp Columba Programme


• I understand that Camp Columba requires 3 different people to contact in the event of an emergency
• These 3 contacts have separate phone numbers, will be reachable even outside office hours and will be able to collect my child early if necessary.

Camp Kaupapa & Miscellaneous

• I understand Christian principles will be taught at camp.
• I agree that photos and video footage of my child may be used on our website and other platforms to promote camp.
• I agree to Camp Columba staff having future correspondence with my child.

Pick Up & Drop Off

• I understand that my child needs to be signed in and out from camp.
• I understand that if camp staff ask me to collect my child before the official end of camp it is a decision made after careful consideration and this decision is final. Therefore, I agree to collect my child.

  •  If I do not collect my child, Camp Columba may be able to drop them off at home. I understand I will be charged mileage at NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) rates + staff time for this and that I will still need to sign them out.
  •  If Camp Columba is not able to deliver my child to me I understand I will be charged an additional fee + staff time and if applicable appropriate organisations will be notified.

Camp Cancellations/Fees

• I understand the early bird special is only valid if registration AND payment are received on or before the cut-off date (2 weeks before start of camp 1).
• If my child is unable to attend camp for whatever reason, I agree to inform Camp Columba of this as soon as possible so that a child on the waiting list can be notified.
• Camp fees are only refundable if registration is cancelled 3 full working days prior to the begin of camp 1.
• If my child is dropped off later or picked up earlier than the official start and end times, I understand the full fee is still payable and in no part refundable.
• I understand that my camp fees should be paid in full before the end of camp, unless otherwise agreed upon with camp staff. Furthermore, I understand that after a grace period of one month after camp, interest will be charged on top of what is left outstanding.

Medication/Medical Information

• All medical conditions have been declared and I allow Camp Columba staff to give/seek medical help if necessary (including administering paracetamol).
• If my child has nits I will collect my child or pay $20 for staff to treat them.