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Balancing Emotions

Sunday, 24 February 2019 to Sunday, 28 July 2019 from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Vajrayana Institute, Ashfield, Australia

Ticket Information

Type Price Quantity
Balancing Emotions: Anger 24th Feb (Non member) $50.00
Balancing Emotions: Anger 24th Feb (Member) $40.00
Balancing Emotions: Sadness 24th March (Non member) $50.00
Balancing Emotions: Sadness 24th March (Member) $40.00
Balancing Emotions: Fear 28th April (Non member) $50.00
Balancing Emotions: Fear 28th April (Member) $40.00
Balancing Emotions: Enjoyable Emotions 26th May (Non member) $50.00
Balancing Emotions: Enjoyable Emotions 26th May (Member) $40.00
Balancing Emotions: Contempt and Disgust 14th July (Non member) $50.00
Balancing Emotions: Contempt and Disgust 14th July (Member) $40.00
Balancing Emotions Package (Non member) $240.00
Balancing Emotions Package (Member) $190.00

Event Details

Given the rising number of individuals working in high stress occupations, Balancing Emotions is especially relevant. It provides a number of different, practical emotional skills which lead to a better understanding of our emotional life and support an increase in constructive emotional episodes.

Through careful investigation of our mental and emotional life and our embodied experience, we can generate superb emotional balance. Suitable for everyone whether you are religious or not.

A series of five workshops based on the Cultivating Emotional Balance program will be presented centering on emotional experiences of anger, sadness, fear, disgust & contempt, and the enjoyable emotions including happiness. These workshops will run for four hours and will introduce people to the psychology of emotions and contemplative practices in order to bring awareness to those emotional experiences. The workshops will consist of presentation, discussion, group participation, personal reflection and journaling, and importantly contemplative practice to cultivate attentional balance, emotional balance and understand the stories and thoughts that arise when we are in the grip of an emotional experience.

Dates - Sunday

24 Feb

24 March

28 April

26 May

28 July

Time - 1pm - 5pm

Cost - $50 / $40 Members or package all 5 for $240 / $190

At VI we aim to make Dharma teachings as accessible as possible, so if you wish to attend but are unable to afford the full cost of classes at this time please email

About the Teacher

Angela Blazely is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance trainer and qualified Clinical Neuropsychologist, with over 20 years experience in clinical practice.  Angela's interest in contemplative practice developed out of a personal desire to understand the nature of the mind, what it is, how it works and how we experience the world we inhabit.  After many years of studying and practising Neuropsychology, Angela pursued a personal contemplative practice and attended retreats under the guidance of Dr Alan Wallace.  Through this, she was introduced to the programme of Cultivating Emotional Balance, finding there an opportunity to explore the intersection between the science of emotion and contemplative practice.  Her interest in teaching Cultivating Emotional Balance lies in offering people the opportunity to explore their emotional world, the mind, and what it can mean to develop a genuine sense of well-being. Her personal interests include spending time with her husband, and spoiling her cats.





Vajrayana Institute 9 Victoria Square
Ashfield New South Wales
Australia 2131