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Australasian Biomechanics Conference

Sunday, 4 December 2016 to Friday, 25 November 2016 from 8:00 AM - 1:30 PM

The University of Melbourne, Woodward Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia


Call For Abstracts

Abstract Submission

Opens: 31/03/16 9:00 AM
Closes: 4/07/16 11:59 PM

We are delighted to invite you to submit an abstract for review for both oral and poster presentations at ABC10.

How to Submit an Abstract

Download the “abc10_abstract_template.docx” file (bottom of the page)

Detailed information about the abstract submission process are provided in this document, including the ABC10 SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (see first paragraph). Please follow these instructions closely as the Organising Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not adhere to the formatting requirements.

How Many Abstracts can be Submitted?

Authors are restricted to submitting only one (1) abstract for an oral presentation where they are the first and/or presenting author. There is no restriction, however, on the number of abstracts that can be submitted for poster presentations. Students are also encouraged to submit work in progress, which will provide an opportunity to obtain valuable feedback from conference delegates. Authors must state that a study is a work in progress in the abstract title.

What Topics can be Submitted?

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts on any topic that is related to the scientific study and application of biomechanics, in its broadest sense. In particular the following themes have been identified:

• Mechanobiology
• Medical Imaging
• Tissue Engineering
• Biomechanics – Human Movement
• Clinical and Sports Biomechanics
• Computational Modeling
• Other Topics in Biomechanics

What Award to apply for?

Authors can also apply for the following awards, by selecting the award they wish to be nominated for at the bottom of the page when submitting an abstract for review, check Awards page for eligibility criteria:

  • ABC10 New Investigator Award (Sponsored by ANZSB)
  • ABC10 Young Investigator Award (Co-Sponsored by ISB & ANZSB)

Copyright Information

By submitting an abstract, all authors confirm that: (i) they own the copyright and have not used copyrighted material without permission, and (ii) the abstract has not been previously published or submitted elsewhere. By submitting the abstract, the authors transfer their copyright to the ABC10 Organising Committee pending acceptance of the abstract for presentation at the conference. In return, the ABC10 Organising Committee grants permission to the authors and to ANZSB to publish the abstract in online repositories, provided that the abstract, and any reference to it, clearly identifies the Congress where the abstract was presented. Authors have permission to submit the work for journal publication.

Click here for an abstract template.

Sorry, submissions have closed