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Greenlight Power to Train Auckland May 21/22 2020

Thursday, 21 May 2020 to Friday, 22 May 2020 from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Cliftons Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand


Power to Train Workshop Feedback

I have actually attended this course previously and I am so glad I signed up to this one again. AMAZING! So glad I did and have already applied some of the learnings for a presentation I am doing next week! And also plan to use some of the techniques when delivering my presentation."

This was the best workshop I have ever attended. Most workshops that I thought were good before pale in comparison. I thought it was a good workshop if I only had a few moments where my attention waned – however with this workshop, there was not a single moment like that"

I loved the workshop. Rich was so engaging, inclusive and generous. I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques I learnt.

I have totally changed the way I think about delivering training, information etc. I have already tried out some of the concepts – and they worked!

I will be able to utilise all the concepts at varying levels and in different environments.

As I am not a trained trainer, the gems I have gained from Rich’s course would be invaluable.

"Initially I wasn't too excited at coming to this course as I thought there would potentially be a lot of getting up in front of the class and doing wacky outside the box things which I'm not totally comfortable with. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rich promotes a feeling of ease and got us simply to share our thoughts in small groups."

"Absolutely loved the Back of the Room experience, as it was great to view Rich using the tools that he then goes on to dissect later. Also really good that we were able to liaise with Rich during the course, with any questions that we may have with any technique he was going to demonstrate."

"I picked up a lot of great tips, and some really valuable tools to start bringing into my training. Even some of the reminders about being in an adult learning environment was so valuable. Dr Allen’s workshop was an impressive experience of discovering a number of different ways to communicate with audience and delivering the message with impact."

Previous Power to Train Workshop Feedback 

"Arrived carrying my very heavy cynical baggage. Left - inspired."

"Really enjoyed the course. I would have to say that it was to date the most enjoyable course I have been on!"

"if you aren't modelling what you teach ...." A great and vibrant way to deliver concepts. It challenged the way that I currently deliver training."

"Very valuable, the concepts and skills are very transferable for a lot of situations when facilitating or teaching adults."

"Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity, I have been on many courses but this has to be the best! Lots of energy, motivational and interesting."

 "Enjoyed the style, the passion and the music! I learnt a significant amount that has changed my facilitation style organisation." 

"Prior to attending I had been a little apprehensive; the idea of attending a “workshop” conjured up all sorts of nightmare scenarios. However, what unfolded was completely unexpected. Rich is inspirational and I am grateful to have attended this course at the beginning of my training career."

"Fantastic! Loved the ideas, the pace, the techniques and the group were great." 

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