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Armand Smit

Macadamia consultant and researcher, Macadamia Farm Management
Armand Smit is a young consultant who previously worked as a technical grower liaison for Mayo... More

Colin Fassnidge

Celebrity Chef
Dublin born chef and restaurateur Colin Fassnidge first appeared as a guest judge on My Kitchen... More

Craig Shephard

Senior Researcher, Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre, School of Science and Technology, University of New England
Craig Shephard led the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program in the Department of Environment and... More

Daryl Wake

Macadamia grower, ‘DarNic Park’, Bundaberg
Daryl combines his roles as a successful macadamia grower and owner of an earthmoving business,... More

David Harris

Macadamia Farm Management
David’s successful career as an award-winning farmer began in Zimbabwe where he grew both... More

Denise Bond

Executive Officer, Macadamia Conservation Trust
Denise works with trees and people. After completing her degree in Australian Environmental... More

Dr John Grant

Research Fellow, School of Environment, Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University
Dr John Grant has had thirty years’ experience in land and soil mapping and research... More

Dr. Abigail Makim

BioResources Pty Ltd
Dr Abigail Makim is an agroecologist who specialises in working in horticulture crops such as... More

Dr. Chris Searle

Director, MacAvo Consulting
Dr Chris Searle is an independent horticultural consultant who has been providing advice to the... More

Dr. Christopher Carr

BioResources Pty Ltd
Dr Christopher Carr is an entomologist who also studies and teaches the ecology of insects. He... More

Dr. Daniel Manson

Macadamia productivity improvement agronomist, Rural Funds Management
Dr Daniel Manson is a Bundaberg-based macadamia productivity consultant and researcher... More

Dr. James Brinkhoff

Senior Research Fellow, School of Science and Technology, University of New England
James received a PhD in electronics from Macquarie University in 2005. He then worked on an ARC... More

Dr. Rohan Orford

Grower Technical Manager, Macadamias Australia
Dr Rohan Orford joined Macadamias Australia as Grower Technical Manager in 2020. Before that he... More

Dr. Russ Stephenson

Macadamia researcher
Dr Russ Stephenson has been involved in horticulture and the macadamia industry for 34 years. In... More

Dr. Theunis Smit

Macadamia consultant and researcher, Macadamia Farm Management
Dr Theunis Smit is a professional macadamia consultant and researcher with extensive experience... More

Fiona Donnelly

QLD Editor, Gourmet Traveller
Queensland Editor for Gourmet Traveller since 2006, Fiona Donnelly has covered the length and... More

Jacqui Price

Marketing Manager, Australian Macadamias
Jacqui is a passionate marketer specialising in food and tourism, with extensive experience in... More

Jeremy Bright

Development Officer, NSW DPI
Jeremy Bright has 31 years’ experience in a variety of horticultural industries across... More

Jillian Laing

CEO, World Macadamia Organisation (WMO)
Jillian Laing is an experienced international marketer with over three decades of marketing and... More

Leoni Kojetin

Industry Development Manager, Australian macadamia industry
Leoni Kojetin is tasked with delivering the Australian macadamia industry’s innovation and... More

Michael McMahon

Macadamia grower, Nutbush Farms, Bundaberg, and AMS Director
Michael has an extensive background in agriculture and horticulture, from growing cattle and... More

Michael Russo

Queensland macadamia and cane grower, AMS Director
Michael Russo is a fourth generation farmer and, with his family, operates a cane and macadamia... More

Myles Osborn

South African macadamia grower & SAMAC Director
Myles holds a B. Com Hons in Finance from the University of Natal. Myles started his career at... More

Professor Andrew Robson

Director of Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre & Precision Agriculture Research Group, University of New England
Professor Andrew Robson’s agricultural science career extends over 20 years in which time... More

Professor Helen Wallace

Professor of Agricultural Ecology and Coordinator of the Food Futures Platform, Griffith University
Professor Helen Wallace has been a macadamia researcher since the “dark ages”... More

Professor Stephen Trueman

Professor of Plant Science, Food Futures Forum, Griffith University
Professor Stephen Trueman has over 30 years’ experience in pollination biology and plant... More

Richard Llewellyn

BioResources Pty Ltd
Richard’s company BioResources Pty Ltd specialises in the development and supply of... More

Ross Arnett

Macadamia grower, ‘Malua Farm’, Lindendale
In the early 2000s, Ross decided to give up his career as an educational technologist to take up... More

Scott Allcott

Managing Director, Macadamia Farm Management
Rhodesian-born Scott Allcott migrated to Australia in 1997 to continue his studies in... More

Stephanie Alt

Environmental Scientist, NSW DPI
Stephanie Alt is an environmental scientist who works in science communication and extension.... More