Compass - A leadership program for women - Bendigo 3

Thursday, 17 November 2016 to Friday, 24 March 2017 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Big Hill Winery, Australia


The Compass Program has now helped over 500 women nationally to transform their thinking, provide practical skills to inspire and advance their careers.

Facilitated by Fabian Dattner, one of Australia’s best known leadership commentators, it is for women of any level, background or industry.


This program is specifically designed to enhance women’s leadership, pragmatically advancing their leadership contribution. Built on what women do best — work together to a shared outcome — expertise is offered in a collaborative, carefully designed process, building insight through dialogue.

With a number of self-exploratory diagnostics, one on one coaching and leadership explored from a women's perspective, the program is unique in not only it's outcomes but its delivery. 

Contact us to talk to one of our Compass Ambassadors, real women who have completed the program who are ready to discuss what they gained from Compass. 

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Dattner Grant believe that women bring different and complimentary perspectives and skill sets to leadership teams at all levels and this contribution is vital to ensure the health and sustainability of organisations into the future.


There is little debate that the opportunities for women to move into senior leadership will improve significantly in the next decade. Both women in, or considering leadership roles in entrepreneurial, corporate, government, education or not for profit organisations will recognise this cutting edge program addresses a range of development needs women commonly identify.

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For me, Compass provided all of the following:
  • Defined the obstacles women face in all levels of life and leadership through the aid of highly acclaimed diagnostics in a deeply trusting environment
  • Inspired spiritual vigour in understanding and managing my emotional intelligence and styles in leadership
  • Created transformational outcomes with positive improvements in my work and personal life
  • Provided clear skills for life that I have learnt to naturally employ
  • Built my confidence to be the real me, even when challenged

Selby Walsh - Compass 4 Participant 


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