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AAAI 2012 National Angel Conference

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 to Friday, 2 March 2012 from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia


AAAI is proud to provide feedback from new and returning delegates at the 2011 conference.

From returning delegates:

“Excellent conference again! Congratulations to organising committee and AAAI - It is good as a 3 day conference - greater time for networking in addition to content.”

“Excellent conference again, it gets better every year.”

“Congratulations to Team AAAI for best conference yet! Great attendees, relevant sessions, great speakers and engaged sponsors. Onward and Upward!”

From first time attendees:

what a jaw droppingly good conference! Congratulations to the whole team - I was just saying to another Angel here in ....(deleted for privacy purposes) ..... yesterday that AAAI offered the glue to a rag tag disorganised bunch of Angels. What has happened is that the structure that you offer is more sound and better engineered than other ...(deleted for identification/privacy purposes but read "like conferences"). Really, really well done in a short period of time.”

“From the conversations I had during (and since) the conference there is no there is no doubt that the conference program and the opportunities to connect with global friends was a success. The mix of international perspective and local enthusiasm made for valuable learning, vibrant discussion and some controversial and heated debate on the important issues affecting the industry. I welcome the clear trend toward the growing sophistication of the angel community and look forward to continuing to contribute to that growth in the coming years.”

From International guests:

“The program, theme and speakers brought together are at the forefront of thought leadership based on good practice internationally. Internationally Angel Investor Groups are continually exploring how to grow activity and build improved outcomes, particularly in the aftermath of recent economic shakeups.

I believe the AAAI are definitely on the right track to grow activity and have achieved significant outcomes in a short time. Congratulations on organizing and managing such a successful and energizing conference!”

From an entrepreneur

“I'm happy to report that my time up in Newcastle surpassed all expectations, and I have nothing but high praise. As the youngest attendee and entrepreneur at the conference, I initially didn't think I would find much relevancy or usefulness out of attending - I couldn't have been more wrong.
As a young entrepreneur, the opportunity to attend the conference has been the single most valuable learning experience I've had in learning about capital raising, and investing in general. No university course teaches what I learnt, no website effectively articulates what was being lectured and no other event brings together such renowned and respected local and international investors. As someone who knew little, the AAAI conference was a goldmine of invaluable lessons and information.
I listened for three days about how many things entrepreneurs do wrong, what they fail to consider, what stops them from gaining capital and what as investors, they need to look out for - the whole time I was thinking "you need to tell entrepreneurs this!!"


From Angel Investors on quality of workshops:

"If you want to put some discipline and process around your investment in start-ups then this course is invaluable".

"The workshop was exactly what I needed to instil the self-discipline that I was lacking."

"The calibre of people in the room was impressive. I learnt just as much from my interaction with other passionate early stage investors as I did from the course material."


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