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Virtual Event

Tuesday 19 October 2021

10.00am - 3.30pm

In this ever-evolving business, regulatory and social world, your organisation will need people at the helm who can excel in providing purposeful, principle-based leadership as this change accelerates and we continuously brave unchartered waters.

The Future Leaders Forum is the most relevant industry event toward fast-tracking young professional and emerging leaders who will transform the future of the fast moving consumer goods and supermarket retailer industry.

Participation in the Future Leaders Forum provides a motivational reward for great accomplishments, is an investment in your organisation’s future and the future of our industry. The Future Leaders Forum provides the extra boost that will inspire and develop leaders of today and tomorrow!

2021 Future Leaders Forum sessions will be delivered online and include:


  • Strategy, Structure, Synergy – Business Leadership

Strategies and structures have traditionally been established to set a business up for the next several years. In the 2020’s the need for agility and flexibility to meet everchanging (consumer driven) customer demand is impacting the lifecycle for which strategies and structures remain viable, and the need for synergies throughout the value chain has become critical. The Future Leaders Forum will investigate how leaders might best approach these challenges and build the dynamic strategies, structures, and synergies required for success.


  • Ideas, Innovation and Initiative – Game changing leadership

In recent times it can seem like our organisations and industry are caught in a kind of permanent turbulence. While we might thrive on the adrenaline rush of fighting to stay afloat for a while, it is only through encouraging new ideas, celebrating innovation, and rewarding initiative that we can break through the turbulence and get ahead of the game. The Future Leaders Forum will investigate how leaders might best build cultural and creative environments where ideas, innovation, and initiative can shine for game-changing success.


  • Talent, Teams and Tribes – People Leadership

The reality is that all organisations are fighting to attract, develop and retain talent. It is a critical fight, and the rules of engagement are constantly changing without notice. The talent is seeking a ‘relationship’ with their employer and key elements of the relationship will be on the talent’s terms. The Future Leaders Forum will investigate how leaders might optimise these relationships for mutual benefit and provide the inspiration, motivation, and experiences vital to attracting, developing, and retaining great talent.

The Trading Partner Forum Executive Committee look forward to welcoming your business and your potential future leaders to this exceptional development and networking opportunity.