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Conference Theme:

  Creating Connected Futures


Professional Learning Strands:

  •   Mental health & Well-being
  •   Careers
  •   Learning
  •   Cultural
  •   Leadership




    Strand   Title
  Dr Kate Jacobs



  Learning   Cognitive-based learning difficulties
  and educational adjustments

  Andrew Fuller



  Mental Health & Well-being

  Keynote : The A-Z of Feelings
  Workshop : Helping Teens through
  troubled and tricky times

  Merle Conyer



  Mental Health & Well-being   Supporting children and young people
  who are anxious about climate change
  Kay Kerr and
 Anna Whateley




  Learning and Mental Health -
  Disability focus
  Normalising neurodivergence
  Mike Ennis



  Cultural support   Personal Reflections on working
  towards becoming a more connected
  John Briggs



  Cultural   Leading an Inclusive Workplace
  Dr Jon Woodend



  Career   Creating connections to meaningful
  career development: Supporting
  International Students
  Professor Nancy Arthur



  Career   Creating Connections Across Cultures:
  Supporting Migrants in Schools
  Dr Peyman Abkhezr



  Career   Working with stories of transition:
  Career development of youth with
  refugee and migrant backgrounds
  Professor Stephen Billet



  Career   Positioning vocational education and
  the occupations it serves as worthy
  post-school pathways
  Professor Wendy Patton



  Career   Curriculum as Connector: Career
  education’s role in preparing young
  people to manage their futures
  Melinda Cooper



    Framing observations of behaviour
  using a sensory lens
  Adam Voigt




  Keynote : Leading in Schools for a
  Culture of Connection
  Workshop : Kids, Adults and Conflict ...
  We Can Do It So Much Better 

  Brian Sullivan and
 Dr Elisa Agostinelli




    Working with DV trauma in Schools
  Professor Con Stough



    Understanding and Using Emotional
  Intelligence to Enhance
  Relationships, Well-Being and
  Scholastic Performance in Schools
  Laura Allison





  Flourishing Classrooms / Flourishing
  Schools: Making Wellbeing Systems

  Chris Ballaron



    Gaming and Youth Mental Health
  Rachel Drew and
 Kevina O'Neill
      Legal considerations for Guidance
  Officers, School Counsellors and
  School Psychologists
  Dr Marilyn Campbell




    Panel Chair
  The Hon Peter Murphy SC     Leadership   Guest speaker - Leadership Panel