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Registration now Open

Note: 15 Nov. - Tickets have SOLD OUT for the NGS course.

We have tickets for the Symposium "Data Sharing on Human Genetics Research" only

Late Payment Fee: US$50 will be added to the registration from 19th November 2018

ALL registrations to the Course include:

  • access to course from the 26th - 29th November 2018
  • all coffee breaks
  • all lunches during conference days (2)
  • various administrative costs
  • access to the Symposium 9.00 am - 12.30 pm 29th Nov.

Registration Types

Delegate Registration Applies to:

  • Most delegates including all postgraduate students - PhD, Masters students, Residents, any student not at USP. 


USP Undergraduate Student Registration Applies to:

  • University of Sao Paolo UNDERGRADUATE Student ONLY.      Not included are PhD, Masters, Residents, or any student not at USP .   Students who apply for this registration must send a letter of their student registration to the email shown for thier registration to be accepted.  There is a limited number of this ticket. When it is sold out there will be no more.

If you have any problems or questions about registration - please contact us!

Payment Options

Payments may be made by Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard), bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Credit Card: During registration choose "pay by credit card using PayPal".   You do not have to be a PayPal member - inside the next page is a link to "Credit Card" payment.  If you are a member you can use PayPal if you like.

Bank Transfer & Cheque:  During registration choose "Bank Transfer or Cheque". The details needed are on the invoice issued.

Amount is shown in United States dollars US$. If you are making a bank transfer, please make sure to send the correct amount in US$. If you wish to sent the equivalent amount in Australian $ because the account is in Australia, you should send US$210 = AUD$287 |   US$105 = AUD$143.



Registration Instructions


  • Your name badge will be printed as YOU have typed it.
  • If you make a typo, it will be printed!
  • Please DO NOT type everything in Capital letters or small case, use Sentence Case e.g. type Maria Alvez not MARIA ALVEZ.
  • Please ensure your email address is correct or you will not receive any notifications.
  • If you wish to attend the Symposium 9:00 am - 12:30 pm 29th Nov. choose the ticket. If you do not wish to attend please do not choose the ticket.
  • During registration there is a field "VIP code" - this is for invited speakers, you do not need to fill this out - leave it empty.


Delegate Registration

  • Delegate Registration


USP - Undergraduate Student

LIMITED number of this ticket available. When they are sold out there will be no more USP Student tickets.


  • Univ. Sao Paulo Undergraduate Student

    Available to University of Sao Paulo UNDERGRADUATE students ONLY. Please send a copy of your University of Sao Paulo Student Registration to at the time of registration. 



Choose this ticket if you wish to attend this Symposium only.  Delegates of the NGS in a Diagnostic Setting Course may choose to attend the symposium free of charge during the registration process and do not need to book this ticket.

  • SYMPOSIUM - Data Sharing on Human Genetic Research

    This ticket if for people who wish to attend the Symposium but ARE NOT attending the NGS Course. If you are registering for the NGS Course you DO NOT need to purchase this ticket. You can choose it during registration if you want to attend.


LEGAL REQUIREMENT: We collect your data such as your name and contact information when you register for this event as per our Privacy Policy. To register for this event and to comply with the new GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) that comes into effect 25 May 2018 you must give permission for your data to be stored and used by us for this event by answering a few simple questions at the beginning of the registration. Please read our Privacy Policy for details about how we use your data. You may login (top right hand corner of this Website) at any time after registration to view the data we are holding.