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2018 National Kaumātua Service Providers Conference 

"Together we can achieve more"

"Mā Te Mahi Tahi Ka Tutuki"

20 to 22 November
Plymouth Hotel, New Plymouth


National Kaumatua Service Provider conferences have been held since 2007, with the following conferences being held in Palmerston North, Nelson and Hamilton. The aim being to support the potential capacity and capability of the Kaumātua service provider sector to better serve Kaumatua. It is through these forums and in response to provider and Kaumatua feedback that the National Collective initiative has been conceived.

The need for this conference has arisen from feedback from the sector and Kaumatua in regards to the challenges currently being faced ie. Loneliness, illness, homelessness, financial poverty, raising grandchildren etc.

The focus of this conference acknowledges those challenges and has been designed to foster important relationships that offer transformative potential in addressing those challenges and ultimately enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of Kaumatua.

The Conference will be made up of keynote presentations, concurrent speakers and panel discussions, in alignment with the overarching theme – Together We Can Achieve More.   


The intended audience for the Conference are Kaumatua/Aged Sector Service Providers (including Iwi groups), Kaumātua, Minister for Seniors, Minister for Maori Development, Government Agencies, Policy Makers, members of the Academic Community, the National Science Challenges, Funders, NGO’s, and others interested in the challenges and potential of the rapidly growing Kaumatua sector.


1. Highlight the great collaborative work being achieved in the sector;
2. Encourage unity and collaboration to address the many challenges that our Kaumātua, Maori researchers and community providers face;
3. Provide the Minister for Maori Development, Minister for Seniors and Iwi leaders with thoughts from
a. Kaumatua and the sector on Oranga (Wellbeing) - “ Caring for our Kaumātua in the face of a rapidly ageing population” cultural, social impacts, whats working, whats not and proposed solutions;
b. Kaumātua on “ What they feel is needed to ensure their wellbeing from various groups – ranging from whanau/hapu/iwi to community providers to government;
c. Delegates on “ What research questions/areas do you feel are important to transforming the lives of Kaumātua now and in the future”
4. Create opportunities for researchers funded under the National Science Challenges to share their work with the Maori community/aged sector;
5. Create opportunities for Maori providers and researchers to identify shared areas of interest (they wish to make a real community impact) in preparation for joint proposals in the next National Science Challenges 2019 funding tranche.
6. Create an opportunity for delegates to provide feedback to the proposed Positive Ageing Strategy.
7. Create an opportunity for delegates to provide feedback to the proposed review of the health system.
8. Reinforce “Hei Manaaki nga Kaumātua Charitable Trust” as the National Collective for Kaumātua Service Providers

Additional benefits of holding this conference are that it permits Kaumatua and Kaumatua Service Providers to:
• participate in and benefit from education, professional development and information sharing opportunities;
• share innovative models and implement those identified as appropriate for their communities;
• develop beneficial partnerships with local, regional, and national stakeholders, including researchers, makers, businesses and other NGO’s that are critical to effective Kaumatua care.

The Conference also aims to foster the sharing of knowledge, promotion, resources and best practice models from within Aotearoa and internationally (noting Japan has been identified as leading in the aged initiatives space).