NSIT Training

Aug 2017
08:00 AM
Ocean International, 1 Bridge Road Mackay Queensland Australia 4740

NSIT training for principals

This comprehensive, two-day professional development opportunity is specifically designed for state school principals. The training will unpack the NSIT in detail, demonstrating how it can be used to drive improvement and provide principals with a deeper understanding of the school review process as well as emerging trends from the reviews. This training also qualifies principals to nominate become a peer reviewer and participate in a school review.



NSIT training for associate leaders

A one day course attended by school leaders such as Deputy Principals, HOSES, HOCs, HODs, Master Teachers and Lead Teachers. This training is designed to develop capacity of associate leaders in understanding the NSIT and provides participants with an opportunity to learn how the NSIT can guide improvement within their school.

Please note that participants in the associate leader training are encouraged to bring along an idea of something to work on that is aligned to their schools explicit improvement agenda.




Ocean International
1 Bridge Road
Queensland Australia 4740

Event Organiser

Dana Lennon-Spindler