Sunday, 22 July 2018 to Wednesday, 25 July 2018 from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

ICC Sydney, Sydney, Australia


Chairmen's Welcome

The Catalysis Society of Australia, proudly supported by the Royal Australian Chemical Society, would like to invite you to participate in the 18th International Symposium on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis – the ISHHC18, to be held from 22nd -25th July 2018 in Sydney -the cosmopolitan Pearl of the Pacific.

Whether Homogeneous, Heterogeneous or Biocatalysis there are commonalities that unite all types of catalysis. This symposium is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas across these three fields.

Catalytic domains at the nanoscale are dynamic, be they soluble complexes with intricate ligands, ensembles of surface species in zeolites, or enzymes – they change their structure over time, during the catalytic cycle itself and often also over ‘time-on-stream’, reaching a highly functional and stable equilibrium. Considerations regarding these transient phenomena can act as a helpful path for deep structure/functionality discussions touching all fields of catalysis and contributions to that effect are encouraged, without being a pre-requite. All high quality contributions will be gratefully received and carefully evaluated.

All participants will have opportunities to submit their papers to a special edition of ChemCatChem - which is also their very high profile 10th anniversary edition.

We will be running plenary and keynote lectures across four themes, within each theme aiming to cover all types of catalysis to encourage cross-disciplinary interaction:

1. Synthesise

a. Control at the nanoscale
b. Designed interfaces
c. Compartmentalisation/Hybrid Approaches

2. Apply & Interrogate

a. Performance
b. Study of dynamic transformations of nanodomains

3. Compute

a. Structures
b. Dynamics
c. Predictions

4. Advanced Tools for Catalysis

a. Imaging and Mapping
b. Separation & Analysis Technology

The symposium will be held at the brand new International Convention Centre ( in Darling Harbour near Sydney’s major attractions. Conjointly organized and run at the same venue will be the Australian symposium on Computationally Enhanced Materials Design (ACEMD), further augmenting and broadening the theory and computational modelling content. The conference will feature many opportunities for exchange at various social events that will be held, including the “Welcome mixer with harbour views” and the “Conference dinner” with a number of touristic options available as well via the web-site closer to the time.

We look forward to welcoming you in Sydney in July 2018!



Thomas Maschmeyer Michael Stockenhuber
Conference Co-chair Conference Co-chair  


Local ISHHC18 Organising Committee
Thomas Maschmeyer Co-Chair                                                                   University of Sydney
Michael Stockenhuber Co-Chair                                                                  University of Newcastle
Alex Yuen                                                                                                     University of Sydney
Stuart Bartlett                                                                                               University of Sydney
Francois Kondo Aguey-Zinsou                                                                     UNSW
Tony Masters                                                                                                University of Sydney
Rose Amal                                                                                                    UNSW
Jun Huang                                                                                                  University of Sydney
Sean Smith [Chair ACEMD]                                                                         UNSW
Michelle Sullivan Secretary ISHHC18                                                          University of Sydney
Nicole Ross Secretary ACEMD                                                                    ANU
Roger Stapleford PCO/Secretariat                                                               Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Industral Advisory Board
Chair Gert-Jan Gruter (Avantium)
Annemarie Beers (Cabot)
Peter Berben (BASF)
Martijn Burgers (ExxonMobil)
Berth-Jan Deelman (Arkema)
Gert-Jan Gruter (Avantium)
Jean-Paul Lange (Shell)
Francis Luck (Total)
Matthijs Ruitenbeek (DOW)
James Stevens (DOW)*
Glenn Sunley (BP)
Bob Tooze (Sasol)
Anthoni van Zijl (SABIC)


Permanent International Advisory Board ISHHC
Chair Hans-Joachim Freund (Germany)

Jan-Erling Bäckvall (Sweden)
Alfons Baiker (Switzerland)
Xinhe Bao (China)
Jean-Marie Basset (Saudi Arabia)
Matthias Beller (Germany)
Gerhard Ertl (Germany)
Atsushi Fukuoka (Japan)
Adriano Zecchina (Italy)
Giuliano Giambastiani (Italy)
T.S. Andy Hor (Singapore)
Takao Ikariya (Japan)
Yasuhiro Iwasawa (Japan)
Piet van Leeuwen (Spain)
Can Li (China)
Tobin Marks (USA)
José A. Mayoral (Spain)
Rinaldo Psaro (Italy)
Robert Raja (UK)
Rutger van Santen (NL)
Philippe Sautet (France)
Martin Schmal (Brazil)
Gabor Somorjai (USA)
James Stevens (USA, Dow)
John Meurig Thomas (UK)
T. Don Tilley (USA)
Mizuki Tada (Japan)
Bert Weckhuysen (NL)
John M. Thomas (UK)
Seong Ihl Woo (Republic of Korea)


International Advisory Board

Naoto Chatani (Japan)
Alexander Katz (USA)
Christophe Copéret (Switzerland)
Mark Davis (USA)
Pierre Dixneuf (France)
Kazunari Domen (Japan)
James Dumesic (USA)
Cynthia Friend (USA)
Donald Hilvert (Switzerland)
István Horváth (Hong Kong)
Graham Hutchings (UK)
Christopher Jones (USA)
Dr Martin Prechtl (Germany)
Johannes Lercher (Germany)
Noritaka Mizuno (Japan)
Robert Schlögl (Germany)
Bert Sels (Belgium)
Veronique Van Speybroeck (Belgium)
David John Cole-Hamilton (UK)
Shannon Stahl (USA)
Kazuyuki Tatsumi (Japan)
Dieter Vogt (UK)
Dirk De Vos (Belgium)
Peter Wasserscheid (Germany)