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Expanding Emotional Intelligence Webinar

Friday, 2 October 2020 from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


FEEDBACK: 13 April 2020, Texas International School of Leadership

“Please share what you gained the most value from during the conference.


All of Dr. Rich Allen's ideas!!!

Dr. Allen's keynote was a life-changer" for me!

Dr. Allen was great; I think it was a lightbulb moment for a lot of my teachers. So I will focus on helping them better understand all of this new learning.

The Four Walls of the virtual classroom recommendations: Less talk, more pauses, more pics, let participants chat, get up, stretch and lock it in!

Dr Rich's method of less is more was excellent. Participants are home and easily distracted. I agree that we need to speak less, give the students time to think, and short assessments.

I loved Dr. Allen's strategy for pausing, being silent, and allowing students to have time to think. I will utilize that this week.

Dr. Allen affirmed some of the things I was already doing, yet also gave me specific tips on how to make my future sessions more effective.

I will put into practice the rules and procedures Dr. Rich explained to us. Using our instructional time wisely and engaging our participants and not talking the entire time.

I certainly took to heart what Dr. Allen said about slowing down, saying less and giving people pauses to read & process information.

I loved Dr. Allen's presentation. I will decrease the time of my sessions and include more movement.


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