First Epworth Masterclass in Supine, Prone and mini PCNL

Saturday, 24 June 2017 from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Park Hyatt, Melbourne, East Melbourne, Australia


Online registrations have now closed. If you would still like to register, please come along on the day and speak to Epworth staff.


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First Epworth Masterclass in Supine, Prone and mini PCNL
Saturday 24th June 2017

Epworth HealthCare's UroRenal and Vascular Clinical Institute presents the First Epworth Masterclass in Supine, Prone and mini PCNL.

Percutaneous stone surgery can be difficult. However, in many cases it offers the best approach for our stone patients.

New techniques of access and stone clearance, aided by new technologies, are reducing the morbidity of PCNL. Minaturisation has opened a new frontier for PCNL in cases where stone burden is not massive but retrograde pyeloscopy alone cannot secure stone clearance.

Once we may have thought advances in endoscopy would relegate PCNL to a few subspecialist urologists tackling extreme cases. Yet now, more than ever, PCNL is a valuable technique to have in the stone management arsenal.

Epworth Freemasons pioneered the teaching of PCNL in Australia. This workshop coincides with the 30th anniversary of the first PCNL course in Australia, held at the Freemasons Hospital in 1987. Epworth Freemasons has continued to keep pace with the evolution of PCNL, and was the first private hospital to introduce the mini-nephroscope. In this workshop, we will aim to cover all aspects of PCNL from access to exit. Topics will include:

• Mini-PCNL
• Supine PCNL
• Ultrasound guided puncture
• Combination ureteroscopy and PCNL
• Ultrasonic vs ballistic vs laser stone destruction
• Tubeless and totally tubeless PCNL
• Complications - recognition and management

Narrated, As-Live video surgeries will give practical illustration of the surgical challenges and solutions of different PCNL approaches. There will plenty of opportunity to discuss tips and tricks with the faculty of experienced PCNL urologists, and see first-hand the range of the latest mini-nephroscopes, ultrasound guidance and lithotripsy technologies.


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