VET reform consultations


In February and March 2018, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the department) is hosting consultation workshops on two areas of vocational education and training (VET) reform: 

• Training Product Reform, and
• Unduly Short Courses.

Consultation objectives

The objectives of the consultation workshops are to:
• stimulate robust discussion on the issues of Training Product Reform and Unduly Short Courses, and
• inform stakeholder responses to written consultation submissions.

The workshops will not replace written submissions to the Training Product Reform and Unduly Short Courses case for change and discussion papers. The deadline for written submissions is Friday 9 March 2018.

Locations, dates and times 

Two separate workshops will be held in each location on the same day:
• Training Product Reform workshops will be held from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm local time
• Unduly Short Courses workshops will be held from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm local time.

Workshops will be held in the following locations:
• Melbourne, Monday 12 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Sydney, Tuesday 13 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Brisbane, Wednesday 14 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Townsville, Thursday 15 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Darwin, Monday 19 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Perth, Wednesday 21 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Adelaide, Monday 26 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Hobart, Tuesday 27 February 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]
• Canberra, Friday 2 March 2018 [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]

Workshop registration

Registrations are closed and all workshops are fully booked. If you have registered your interest in a session, the department will email you to confirm your attendance and provide venue details three business days prior to the workshop.

Further information

For further information about Training Product Reform and Unduly Short Courses, including the case for change and discussion papers, please visit the department’s VET consultation webpage.

Queries may be directed to the department at