Q Shelter aims to improve access to, and quality of, housing for vulnerable Queenslanders. Our goal is to create a robust community housing system, supporting people experiencing homelessness, and creating stronger communities in Queensland.

Q Shelter assists the housing system to have a voice by providing capacity-building support as well as providing a broader range of products and services aimed at strengthening the delivery of housing services, contributing to the sustainability of organisations, and improving the industry’s strength.

Concerned housing groups across Queensland came together 25 years’ ago, and Queensland Shelter was formally constituted in 1993. Q Shelter is strongly connected to community housing and related organisations through a range of partnerships including a formal Advisory Group, a Product Development Group and Branch Networks throughout Queensland.

Q Shelter delivers products and services directly, and through linking stakeholders with consultants with specific areas of expertise.

Queensland Shelter is an incorporated association and registered charity.


The BDA is a non-profit, public interest organisation, which is made up of members from across Brisbane who are committed and motivated to contribute to shaping Brisbane’s future.

The BDA initiates monthly seminars and guest speaker luncheons for members and non-members, which provide a regular forum in which ideas for Brisbane can be presented, debated and publicised. The overall aim is to shape a more dynamic and exciting Brisbane and support our vision to become Australia’s New World City.

Association membership is drawn from State and Local Governments, statutory authorities, academia, business, and the professional and private sectors of the community.

The BDA was founded in 1957 by Sir Reginald Groom, a former Brisbane Lord Mayor who created the BDA to provide feedback on issues affecting the city’s development. 


The Future Housing Taskforce was set up to counter the rise of unaffordable housing in Australia.

Are we in serious trouble? Yes.

If you check with the annual Demographia Housing Affordability Study you will find that we are still blind to our fate of what our next generation of children will face. To overcome external authority input, we build demonstration homes of the future in sheds to demonstrate what could be possible and from these demonstrations change occurs sometimes rapidly – sometimes not at all.

The Future Housing Taskforce website will provide you with all their key learnings and how they translate to either affordable home ownership or affordable Investment opportunities.