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Webinar: Understanding the Volume of Learning Requirements

17th Jul 2019
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM



The descriptions of ‘volume of learning’ given in the AQF materials is based on a full qualification. Hence it is not always helpful when trying to determine how much time a student should be spending on an individual unit of competence within that qualification. Nor does it seem to consider that some qualifications have as much as twice the number of units of competence than others.

This webinar teases out such dilemmas and helps planners develop a ‘defensible argument’ for the volume of learning they attribute to a qualification and each unit within that qualification.


Introductory (New to the topic):
These sessions are aimed at practitioners that have a broad theoretical knowledge and practical experience of training and assessment. They operate independently and seek guidance when necessary.


Any person involved in compliance issues for an RTO

Topics Covered

  • What the Standards say
  • What the AQF guidelines say
  • Some dilemmas associated with volume of learning
  • Qualifications vs individual units
  • Developing a defensible argument


All webinar sessions are held online via BlackBoard Collaborate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding of the volume of learning requirements for RTOs
  • Increased understanding of the AQF guidelines
  • Awareness of some challenges associated with volume of learning for qualifications Vs for individual units of competence
  • Considerations for a defensible argument for the volume of learning your RTO develops in the TAS


Anni Yaringa

Anni has worked in the vocational education and training sector for 25 years and has worked in many roles to design and deliver courses, assessor qualifications, assessment and compliance in that time.

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