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Webinar: Retention of Evidence - What, Why and How to Keep it

10th Oct 2019
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM



Evidence backs up claims of appropriate decisions made about a learner’s competency. Without evidence, you have no claim. But what constitutes acceptable evidence? And what about a well-cooked, well-presented meal served in a student restaurant that won’t last half an hour, much less until the auditor arrives.

This webinar regards evidence with the attentive eyes of a regulator and auditor. What passes muster in their view? We round up details about your responsibilities for collecting, keeping and locating evidence. And rather than filing an empty plate, we consider practical alternatives for evidence you can’t retain.

At the end of this session, you’ll understand the Regulator’s view of evidence and our decisions about competence, different retention periods and have clarity around what can and should be kept, how to keep it and how to locate it when required.


Introductory (New to the topic):
These sessions are aimed at practitioners that have a broad theoretical knowledge and practical experience of training and assessment. They operate independently and seek guidance when necessary. 


These sessions are for VET teachers, trainers and educators; assessors and managers.


Topics Covered

  • The need to retain evidence
  • How long to keep evidence
  • Practicalities of retention and alternatives to retention
  • Storage of evidence
  • Locating the evidence for audits


All webinar sessions are held online via BlackBoard Collaborate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the Regulator’s view of evidence and our decisions about competence
  • Insight into the differing retention periods
  • Clarity around what can be kept, how to keep it and how to locate it when required
  • Examples


Anni Yaringa

Anni Yaringa has worked in the vocational education and training sector for 25 years and has worked in many roles to design and deliver courses, assessor qualifications, assessment and compliance in that time.

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