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Webinar: Observation Checklists - Getting the Criteria Right

6th Feb 2020
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM


Observation checklists are sophisticated pieces of assessment machinery. They are not tick-and-flick shortcuts, but thoughtfully constructed instruments. They accurately record a learner’s observed performance against clear criteria drawn from components of a unit of competency.

This practical webinar steps through the construction of effective, efficient observation checklists. You will build capability in extracting assessment criteria from units of competency and develop understanding about what constitutes observable performance.

At the end of this session, participants will better understand what auditors are looking for, what ‘observable’ means for audits, and gain strategies to use in their own practice.


 Introductory (New to topic)

These sessions are aimed at practitioners that have a broad theoretical knowledge and practical experience of training and assessment. They operate independently and seek guidance when necessary. 


VET teachers, trainers and educators; assessors and managers.

Topics Covered

  • Why cut-and-pasting performance criteria and performance evidence from the unit is unacceptable
  • Deciding what you have to ‘see’ vs other evidence you might use
  • Interpreting components of the unit into observable criteria
  • Mapping to criteria (not tasks)
  • Knowledge that can be ‘observed’
  • Ticks, crosses and comments
  • Photos and recorded audio-visual evidence.


All webinar sessions are held online via BlackBoard Collaborate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Insight into why auditors accept some things and not others
  • Understanding of what “observable” means
  • Clarity around what must be seen vs what may not need to be seen
  • Strategies for interpreting unit requirements into assessment criteria
  • Practical examples of effective and ineffective checklists.


Anni Yaringa

Anni has worked in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector for more than 30 years and has witnessed all the changes from the original introduction of competencies. Her work in the last 15 years has focused on compliance – particularly relating to delivery and assessment. Anni’s goal is to find the simplest solution that works.

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