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VTA Webinar: Applied Research and Innovation in TAFE

11th Dec 2020
12:15 PM - 01:15 PM
Online, Australia

The Victorian TAFE Association’s applied research webinars series is a platform to showcase, celebrate and recognise the exceptional applied research and innovation activities taking place across Victoria’s TAFE network.

Webinar Topic 

The RPL Candidate as a neglected stakeholder


Australia’s Vocational Education & Training (VET) system includes Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a key component of the qualifications process. Australia’s training system is in an enviable position in that it meets almost all the UNESCO Guidelines (UENSCO, 2012) for a skills recognition and validation system.

RPL of informal learning is embedded in the national qualification system (AQF), is a statutory mandatory offer, assessment outcomes are given statutory equivalency to formal learning outcomes, assessment is flexible and quality assured through regulation and lastly, articulation is possible.

However, the system lacks the utility of formative assessment and sustainable funding mechanisms, critical actions for a successful national system.

The problem we in Australia face, is RPL execution, practice, implementation! The RPL experience is not a positive one for candidates, nor for many assessors, incidentally!

This webinar explores Deb Carr’s research on RPL candidates’ experience of the assessment process, and will include:

  • an outline of the research method
  • the findings
  • the application of her research through a 10-part webinar series that addressed the problems with business solutions (delivered May to Sept 2020)
  • current research findings – NCVER ‘Exploring RPL’, and
  • further research needs.


The webinar is open to anyone interested in applied research and innovation. A knowledge and appreciation of RPL will help understand the significance of the study.


All webinar sessions are held online via Zoom.


Deb Carr

Thinking About Learning - Principal Consultant

Deb has worked in the VET sector for over a decade, and has developed and registered two accredited courses with ASQA, conducted internal audits for ACPET (ITECA) members and designed numerous competency-based training and assessment resources (including RPL) for multitudes of qualifications and cohorts.

Deb has also conducted a study on ‘The RPL Candidate – a neglected stakeholder’ which interviewed assessors with vast experience in RPL assessments and followed the journey of TAE RPL candidates, seeking an understanding of their challenges through the RPL process. Following this, Deb has acted on the NCVER Project Advisory Committee for an exploratory study into how RPL is being used across Australia.

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