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Webinar: Developing Effective Competency-Based Assessment Tools

13th May 2021
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Online, Australia


The assessment process tells the story of each student’s progress – the skills and knowledge they’ve gained and the areas they need further development in to make them employment ready.

Designing effective competency-based assessments is essential to ensuring VET programs are meeting the needs of students, employers and the industry.

Join VET leader, Andrea Bateman for this engaging one-hour webinar to unpack the essentials of competency-based assessments and how it relates to the various assessment methods.

The group will break down what competency-based assessment actually is, and how different understandings and definitions can impact on the development of assessment tools and assessment methods.

Participants are encouraged to bring along one of their own assessment tools (instructions to assessors and candidates and assessors, all tasks and mapping if you have it) to use in the self-evaluation exercise. 


Intermediate (build on your existing knowledge)

Professional learning aimed at practitioners that have specialised theoretical knowledge and practical experience of training and assessment.


This webinar is focused on developers of assessment tools and quality assurance personnel. 

Topics Covered

  • Competency based assessment
  • Definition of assessment tool
  • Identifying appropriate assessment methods
  • How the definition affects the development of assessment tools.


All webinar sessions are held online via Zoom.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of competency-based assessment
  • Improved capacity to enhance own assessment tools.


Andrea Bateman

Andrea is an Australian VET leader in the field of assessment and quality assurance. She specialises in providing educational organisations with advice on complex assessment and auditing issues. Andrea has provided clear frameworks for both policy makers and practitioners, and is an experienced auditor. She has extensive experience in conducting audits including compliance, strategic, investigative and CRICOS audits.

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