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2018 AUSTSWIM South Australia Aquatic Conference & AQUASUMMIT

Sunday, 15 July 2018 from 8:45 AM - 5:45 PM

Margaret Ames Centre, Immanuel College, Novar Gardens, Australia




Organisation: Acquapole®

The Newest Challenge in Aqua Fitness is here! For the first time Acquapole® has come to Australia.
Acquapole® is not simply a pole in the water. Developed by an Italian sports physiologist, the innovation of the Acquapole® allows maximum freedom of movement, playing with water resistance. The Acquapole® program includes various protocols including postural techniques, rehabilitation, toning and choreographic routines. Each position has been designed to use the water resistance in an innovative way allowing you to create maximum movement and a killer core! 

aAll About Aquatics.jpg

Organisation: All About Aquatics

Position: Director

Alina has been working the aquatic industry for over 20 years. Her experience has crossed all areas of aquatics from babies to adults, beginners to elite, swimming to lifesaving. Alina openly shares her experience and knowledge from working in the industry that is coupled with her learning and research through her tertiary degrees in Education and Health Science to benefit the wider national and international aquatic community. Alina's mission is "To enrich the lives of all through participation and enjoyment of aquatic programs". 


Organisation: AUSTSWIM SA

Position: WETS Aqua Instructor

Founding director of the Australian Institute of Fitness (SA and NT), Annette is an active coach and lecturer throughout Australia. Annette has worked in every aspect of fitness instruction and instructor training since 1982. She is a passionate role model for health and fitness for life.

A former physical education teacher, Annette followed her passion of snow skiing for many years, instructing in Falls Creek and Austria in the early 80’s eventually returning to SA to follow a career in fitness. Her Personal Training Business (Tailored Fitness) focuses on athletes, the more mature, and rehabilitation. Annette has been an aqua Instructor, and presenter for over 30 yrs

Carol Velhuyzen.jpg

Masters Degree in sports coaching including physiology, biomechanics & anatomy, biomechanics of swimming, strength and conditioning, psychology, nutrition and recovery. Head Coach West Coast Swimming Club for 20 years, program development infants to nationals, swimming teacher for over 30 years, AUSTSWIM TSWS, TCS presenter, SAT and SATCS presenter, SA's only regional mentor coach. Program development TSWS indigenous and CALD presentation, Coaching Open Water Swimmers, Coaching Adults, Coaching Swimmers with a disability. Developed swimmers on State and National Teams along with Paralympic development squad member. Undergone IPC technical Classifiers training 2014. Conference Presenter AUSTSWIM National Conferences, Water Safety New Zealand AUSTSWIM National Conference and World Conference on Drowning Prevention Vietnam.

Christine Naysmith head Shot.jpg

Organisation: AUSTSWIM

Position: Aqua Master Trainer

Christine is the AUSTSWIM Aqua Education Coordinator and delivers the AUSTSWIM Aqua Instructor Course across Australia and New Zealand. She plays a vital role in course resource development and in 2018 was named Queensland Presenter of the Year. Christine is a popular group fitness instructor who uses her background in Drama and Education to keep the participants in her various classes interested and on their toes!


As we all know, working in the aquatic industry can come with its fair share of stress at times. So it’s lucky that our keynote speaker for today, David Buttifant, specialises in reducing it.

Buttifant, somewhat of a guru within the elite sport and high performance landscape, is the director of Keen Edge Pty Ltd, who aim to help people achieve personal growth.

Before embarking on a successful career in the elite sport industry, which included positions with the Australian Olympic Team and the Collingwood Football Club, Buttifant was much like many others in this room, a licenced Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety with AUSTSWIM.

With over 20 years of experience dealing with elite athletes, Buttifant has now shifted his focus to the corporate world, and the AUSTSWIM community resembles a unique blend of both landscapes.

As teachers or presenters, Buttifant believes that developing yourself can help you develop others, so sit back, relax, and prepare to learn tools that will help you both in and out of the water.

Picture - Prof Dawn Penney.JPG

Organisation: Edith Cowan University

As a swimmer and educator Professor Penney is passionate about the learning that can happen in aquatic environments and is very aware that it takes quality teaching and teachers to enable and support quality learning.  Professor Penney's background is in research in Health and Physical Education curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and is currently leading a national research project with AUSTSWIM that is exploring ways in which quality can be enhanced in the training and assessment for Presenters. 

Professor Penney is currently on her own journey towards being a licensed AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety.

Jade Calverley.jpg

Organisation: Novita

Position: Childcare Worker and National Swimming, Coach and Instructor

Jade started swimming as rehab therapy for her short stature, also known as achondroplasia. From there she developed a passion and thrill for being in the water. Jade won gold in the 50m freestyle and another in the 50m backstroke in her first swimming competition and since then has been competing at state and national age and open championships, as well as attending three camps at the Australian Institute of Sport. Last year she was lucky enough to compete at the 7th World Dwarf Games where she brought home 1 Silver medal in the women’s soccer team and 2 team swimming gold medals as well as 4 individual gold medals in the pool.

Jade is currently undertaking her university placement at Novita (Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education Rehabilitation Counselling) and is working as a childcare support worker whilst still holding the title of full time state, national and international swimmer, coach and instructor.

Kym Acourt.jpg

Organisation: Acquapole Australia

Position: Authorised AcquaPole Agent


Organisation: AUSTSWIM Presenter

An aquatic educator for the past 30 years, Maria Burn brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Access and Inclusion, Adults, Infants and Pre-schoolers, school groups and her expertise, participants with unique functional and intellectual challenges.
Maria also takes great delight in her role as an AUSTSWIM presenter, which allows her to pass on to others her passion, vast knowledge and extensive understanding so they too can embrace difference and experience the joy of aquatic education for all.
Maria’s skill, knowledge and passion has been recognised by numerous awards over the years including, Victoria’s Award of Teacher of Access and Inclusion, National Teacher of Infant and Pre School Aquatics, Inclusive programming and Community Disability …..
Maria strongly believes that everyone has the right to reach their full potential in life as well as the aquatic environment.

Peter Taylor (2).JPG

Organisation: West Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

Position: Diversity Officer


Organisation: Sponsored by Mattioli

A former Physical Education specialist from Keele University, Simon was a Social Science Research Council Scholar, and studied at North London University where he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management. In addition to this, he is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Fellow of the Advanced Management Program, Harvard University AMP179.

Simon has managed facilities in both the United Kingdom and Australia. He also lectured for three (3) years at Deakin University (Burwood Campus - Melbourne) in the Sports Management Graduate and Undergraduate courses.

He was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of the State Sport Centres Trust comprising the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) and Melbourne Institute of Training (MIT in Albert Park, Lakeside Stadium as well as the State Netball Hockey Centre (SNHC) at Royal Park.

He is currently the Managing Director for Worldwide Sports Management which is a boutique management company specialising in people, infrastructure, and technology.

He has consulted to the following clients:

Samsonite, YMCA Victoria, City of Casey, City of Cleveland, Quay Clean, City of Glen Eira, and Christchurch City Council, South Australian Aquatic Centre.

He currently mentors a number of mentees on leadership and self-development.

In addition to his extensive management experience, Simon has had the opportunity to develop three (3) major ‘Greenfield site’ sporting facilities in Melbourne. These include the Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre project valued at $10M, the MSAC project valued at $65M, the SNHC project valued at $27M and the MSAC Redevelopment valued at $56M, and the establishment of the Melbourne School of Sport and Recreation Management.

Robyn Ormsby.jpg

Organisation: AUSTSWIM

Position: Presenter

Robyn Ormsby enjoys swimming and training for fitness, competing and fun.  A member of an AUSSI Masters swimming club, for over 25 years and still train 2 -3 times a week.  She has competed in many open water swims and attending master’s games. 

Running an aquatic program in Northern Territory and many years of swimming teaching to anyone from baby to adult has kept Robyn busy!  These days teaching swimming and water safety for the DECDs program in SA, and at the same time in private swim schools, and still has a hand in Katherine NT, keeps the passion going and provides an good overall balance of Aquatic education.

Robyn enjoys her role as an AUSTSWIM presenter and finds it a joy to introduce the new participants to the world of AUSTSWIM.

I enjoy the challenge of the course, to make it interesting and allow them to develop their enthusiasm to become the next “great” Teachers of Water and Swimming Safety.