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Closing the Loop 2019

Jul 2019
09:00 AM
Adelaide Oval, William Magarey Room War Memorial Drive North Adelaide South Australia Australia 5006


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8:00 AM
  • Pre Conference Stadium Tour

    This tour of Adelaide Oval will take you behind the scenes to the inner workings of this iconic ground. You will be guided through the stadium by expert volunteer guides whose passion for the oval is infectious and their stories captivating.

    Tour sponsored by:

    45 mins
9:00 AM
  • Open and Welcome
    Robin Shaw

    Manager of SISA since 2006 Elected Chair National Council of Self Insurers May 2007 Robin has... More

    10 mins
9:10 AM
  • Organisational change and employee mental health problems: the chicken-or-the-egg paradox

    Many studies have linked workplace restructuring to excessive mental health problems among employees. But what came first, organisational change or mental health problems?

    Reorganisation at work may be stressful and give rise to poor mental health among employees. On the other hand, working in a dysfunctional workplace may also be distressful, which could induce organisational change.

    In a recent study, temporal impacts of organisational change on risk of prescription for psychotropic medication among 15,038 healthcare employees in Denmark were examined.

    This session presents the recent study in detail, proposing that organisational change may likely be associated with increased use of psychotropic medication for common mental health disorders. The results of the study will be discussed in relation to other findings, potential mechanisms, and generalisability to other occupational contexts. The session concludes with perspectives for strategies to minimise detrimental impacts of workplace restructuring on employee mental health.

    Dr Johan Høy Jensen

    Dr Johan Høy Jensen is a Psychologist and researcher in Department of Occupational and... More

    1 hour
10:10 AM
  • Morning Tea
    30 mins
10:40 AM
  • Extreme Heat: Repositioning Adaptation as Everyday Practice

    Following Australia’s hottest summer on record, Matt will provide an overview of the issues facing heat exposed workers and a range of practical and evidence-based strategies to mitigate them.

    This presentation demonstrates that the consequences of working in the heat can be sustained well beyond the work shift through the dreaded ‘heat hangover’, that seasonal patterns of workplace harm exist and more broadly, that climate impacts public health. A range of proven strategies will be discussed to limit such impacts and maximise worker health, safety and productivity.

    In doing so, prevailing hydration and cooling practices will be challenged by the application of research findings, with case studies from some of the harshest environments on earth.

    Dr Matt Brearley

    Dr Matt Brearley is Australia's pre-eminent heat stress consultant, conducting and applying... More

    40 mins
  • Practical steps to make opioid use safer for our patients. Where are the real gains to be made?

    With more Australians dying from prescription drug use than road deaths there is an onus on health care providers to become part of the solution.

    The evidence base that shows us where the problems start and where we can be most effective in making changes has grown enormously in the last few years. This session is designed to share this information and then provide practical ideas about how to get the biggest changes for our patients.

    Changes in healthcare work best when the consumers understand and are supportive of change. This is why Scriptwise plays such an important role and why Dr Stevens has become their Chair. ScriptWise is the first and only non-profit organisation dedicated solely to reducing the number of deaths in Australia from prescription medication misuse. They aim to amplify the voices of those personally affected to see this issue put on the national health agenda and to help consumers understand why changes in prescribing are necessary.

    Their mission is to prevent the harms associated with prescription medications through raising awareness, community engagement and advocacy.

    Dr Jennifer Stevens

    Dr Jenny Stevens is an anaesthetist and pain specialist at St Vincent's Private and Public... More

    40 mins
11:20 AM
  • The Australian workplace and the duty of care - What has changed, what hasn't, and avoiding the hashtags

    Employment law and community expectations continue to evolve and change the scope and nature of duties of care owed by employers and senior management to employees and contractors. In some respects these changes have introduced genuinely 'new' areas of potential liability and, in other respects, simply serve as a reminder for businesses (and their advisers) of the need to actively manage the wide range of employment, workplace and safety claim risks.

    This session will include a tour of regulatory and legal changes of note, a discussion of recent cases and examples and provide practical tips on areas of focus for claims management and HR.

    Will Snow

    Will’s an employment lawyer at Finlaysons, a commercial law firm that operates from its... More

    40 mins
  • Employer’s Duty to Provide Work

    An employer’s duty to provide work - section 18 – is one of the most contentious aspects of the Return to Work Act 2014. This presentation will provide an update in relation to section 18 including a review of recent and significant case law such as the decisions of the Tribunal in Oldman and Puhara.

    The presentation will highlight some important aspects of section 18 which have now been considered by the Tribunal and which employers will need to understand when dealing with a request by an injured worker for suitable employment.

    During the presentation, Joe will provide a step by step guide as to how the Tribunal decides section 18 applications - and which employers can apply when responding to section 18 applications.

    Joe Parisi

    Joe has been practising in the areas of workers compensation and insurance law for 19 years,... More

    40 mins
12:00 PM
  • Lunch
    1 hour
1:00 PM
  • Reducing injury rates – the initiatives that helped Coopers Brewery achieve real results

    A few years ago, Coopers Brewery initiated a ‘Healthy Worker Program’ with the aim of making a real difference to the health of its workforce.

    This session will present the Coopers ‘Healthy Worker Program’ journey. What they did, what they found, the challenges, the lessons learnt, the significant outcomes that have been achieved such as reducing injury rates and where they plan to head next.

    Chris O'Sullivan

    Chris is the Occupational Health Welfare and training manager for Coopers Brewery - he took up... More

    Tom Slowinski

    Tom is a Senior Consultant Physiotherapist and Ergonomist and has worked at Pinnacle Workplace... More

    40 mins
  • Pain, pain go away - the Pain Revolution!

    This session will update the audience on the latest pain research and what is being done to address persistent pain in rural and regional Australia.

    Millions of Australians experience persistent pain everyday and it hurts in more ways than you might think. There is no more common reason for early retirement from the workforce than persistent pain. In terms of disability and economic cost, there is no health condition that places a greater burden on our society. Persistent pain is a major risk factor for depression, suicide, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Despite the impact, many people with persistent pain can not access contemporary education and care. And the clincher: people with persistent pain are often invisible to the clinical models and funding schemes that others with chronic problems can access and as a result they often end up on descending spiral of disadvantage and exclusion.

    Discoveries made over the last 20 years, about how pain actually works and the kinds of things that increase and decrease it, means that so much of the social, community and economic impact of persistent pain could be prevented. The very tricky but I reckon doable thing is to get these exciting discoveries into the hands, hearts and minds of the general public and the health professionals who serve them.

    Pain Revolution's vision is that all Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain. We are chasing that vision via several strategies, including our flagship outreach event the Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour and our capacity-building Local Pain Educators Program.

    Professor Lorimer Moseley

    Lorimer is a Pain Scientist with a background in physiotherapy, neuroscience and... More

    40 mins
1:40 PM
  • Improving emergency evacuation procedures
    • How to achieve best collaboration between organisations, law enforcement and other security stakeholders
    • Enhancing situational awareness to improve accuracy within evacuation planning
    • Developing real-time emergency plans and back up plans
    Mark Oxnam

    Mark has a law enforcement background, spending 13 years in Victoria Police, most of which... More

    40 mins
  • The Power of Self-Forgiveness: Overcoming Disaster and Building the Life you Value

    We will all have disasters, some are public and may open us up to ridicule and scorn, but more often they are private and unseen – and the ridicule and scorn that is most devastating – is that which emanates from our private critic, our own source of internal hell.

    This session is designed to show you how to access the science of Self‑Forgiveness, for both your own needs and for those for whom you may care. The principles-based framework is designed to improve both psychological and social wellbeing. Grant will cover behavioural responses that are proven to work – in both self-care and where you may be assisting in the care of others.

    The workshop will help introduce the concepts of how to move from:

    • Burdened and Stuck to

      • Responding flexibly and freely

    • Unable to see alternatives to

      • Freedom of perspective

    • Captured by external agendas to

      • A life guided by your values

    • Insufficient strategies to cope to

      • A range of suitable life strategies

    • Ineffective self-blame to

      • Applying self-forgiveness that works

    • Drifting and Procrastinating to

      • Taking action based on your values

    • Confusion about life priorities to

      • A life of meaning and purpose

    Grant Dewar

    Grant Dewar, a Health Psychologist, was a late starter in the world of psychology gaining his... More

    40 mins
2:20 PM
  • Afternoon Tea
    30 mins
2:50 PM
  • Cost-effective Alcohol Behaviour Change for Working Australians

    Lost productivity is the number one financial cost resulting from excessive alcohol consumption.

    Learn how Hello Sunday Morning has developed a brand that engages people in a desire to change their relationship with alcohol, and how they have built a program to support them to do so.

    Jamie Moore

    Jamie is responsible for Hello Sunday Morning's commercial engagements with Government,... More

    40 mins
3:30 PM
  • Fall to Freedom

    Not many of us can claim to have leaped from a twenty one story building only to land eleven floors below and quite literally live to tell the story. If this wasn't true you would be forgiven for thinking this was straight out of a Hollywood script, however, in the case of Anthony Hart, this 'fall to freedom' marked the end of darkness and the beginning of a life of purpose.

    In this session, Anthony will take you on an emotional journey where you are able to gain invaluable insights into the haze that is depression and anxiety through his own personal story. Anthony's story is confronting and raw yet at the same time, his ability to rise from such a painful scenario is nothing short of inspiring. How do you rebuild your life, when death seemed like the only option? Anthony's story is one of resilience, courage, and vulnerability defined by his decision to 'choose' life again. Anthony found meaning in madness, and in doing so gave birth to a new mission that today is changing the world. Harnessing a natural entrepreneurial flair, he decoded 4 steps to better mind health. As a result, he founded what is today known as the Lifeback Tracker. This award-winning mind health support program is designed to empower anyone confronted by a mind health challenge, with a simple but effective 4 steps to better mind health. When followed, it puts one in a better state of mind to confront and overcome significant life challenges.

    You will walk away from this presentation inspired by an incredible human being who has transformed his own life and the lives of others in the face of personal crises. His journey to freedom is a powerful story that in being shared publically is helping to flip the stigma still experienced by those suffering from depression. Anthony is an agent of change in a world that so desperately needs more men brave enough to take off the mask of mental health in order to create a new story of hope.

    Anthony Hart

    Anthony is a passionate social entrepreneur, advocate for mind health and a man on a mission to... More

    1 hour
4:30 PM
  • Closing Remarks
    Robin Shaw

    Manager of SISA since 2006 Elected Chair National Council of Self Insurers May 2007 Robin has... More

    5 mins
4:35 PM
  • Post Conference Canapés and Drinks
    45 mins