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8th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics: SURF 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018 to Friday, 4 May 2018 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Brisbane, Australia


SURF2018 is a refereed event that brings together the world’s best in this space. A Scientific Technical Committee drawn from industry and academia have custodianship of the technical content and review process.

The symposium will comprise of paper and non-paper sessions on recent developments and in pavement surface characteristics. Delegates can cement their learnings and share experiences through workshops and panel discussions that are included in the program.

The SURF2018 themes are:

Smart surfaces

  • Can a road surface be more than just a platform for vehicles?
  • Can users be provided with feedback on the surface condition?
  • Can the road surface generate or transmit energy?

Vehicle-road interaction

  • Can the pavement surface/tyre system be optimised for better user experiences?
  • Can better financial outcomes be achieved by improving the surface/tyre system?
  • Can ‘user experience’ be considered more when designing surfacings, tyres and their interaction?

Data collection with a purpose

  • Can agencies maximise the benefit from the data they already have?
  • Can new technologies change the way that old and new data is used?
  • Can agencies easily outsource the collection of data?
  • Can agencies share expensive collection equipment assets?
  • Can both structural and functional data be of benefit to road managers?

Safer road performance

  • Can monitoring of road functional parameters improve the safety of road users?
  • Can surface characteristics affect geometric design and other parameters?

Sustainable and recyclable wearing courses

  • Can road surfaces be revitalised or recycled without limit?
  • Can the introduction of synthetic components improve performance?
  • Can we be sure that precious material resources are being best used?