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New Models, New Experiences - A Dinner Event

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 from 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Experimedia, State Library of Victoria


You are invited to attend a special event

New Models, New Partnerships, New Experiences


A dinner experience

Wednesday 29 February, 2012

Commencing at 7pm at Experimedia, State Library of Victoria

The debate is underway! Is it technology or what is available via the technology that is important? How is digital content is important? What business models work for creators?  How are the people who design and invest in content products going to be rewarded? How do creators reach audiences? How do audiences filter through the plethora of stuff available?

This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, creative industry students and budding entrepreneurs with interest in digital content seeking competitive advantage in building new businesses.

For investors and champions of the Arts Community, Arts organisations, university staff and government policy makers, it is a unique opportunity to explore access to the arts through technology and boosting culture's contribution to society and the economy.

New market opportunities utilizing social media and the on-line environment to enhance experiences for individual consumers are emerging to explode previously held ideas about business models. Creativity is crashing into capitalism and cultural tradition is fusing with business to create success rates up to 70% higher for investors and business in a global economy.

Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc are global success stories and Australian businesses such as RushCrowds,, The Loop and Gen3Media are being created around meaning and values for creators and users of technology and social media. Content, design and creativity are drivers connecting the dots to form successful business and investment opportunities. However many investors are stuck on old paradigms, are more conservative than ever and ignore business models utilising these capabilities, preferring to invest in listed stocks, mining etc. Such short-sighted thinking is flawed and investors are missing out on investment opportunities that will drive the future of business in Australia.

The convergence of technologies, media, culture and business presents new opportunities for partnerships and business to deliver a broader range of business outcome ensuring the new currencies of time, social recognition and presence as the basis for growing business value.

Using the entertainment and on-line games industries to demonstrate new frameworks beyond the “service” approach of many of the current “darlings” of the technology market, this event is a must attend for any investor and entrepreneur who wants to be ahead of the game.

Find out how to be involved and explore how far this convergence of experiences is driving business towards new models, partnerships business and investment opportunities as well as providing a new collaborative model to work with public institutions generating content in an open innovation framework.

This event is part of a broader event being delivered by the Australian Association of Angel Investors - the 2012 National Angel Conference being held 29 February - 2 March, 2012 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 2012 conference theme is based on collaboration and "Angel Capital - ensuring a sustainable future". For further information on the conference and to register, use this LINK.


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