8:30 AM
  • Welcome

    Opening welcome

    Welcome to Convergence 2017!  We start the day with the Change Management Institute opening the event after collecting barista coffees from the registration desk in the Peninsula room.

    Our opening welcome will give you some details about how the day will run, check in with you that the conference app is up and usable and set the objectives for the three days. 

    Sonia Irwin

    Sonia has worked in a variety of roles across the public sector for over 20 years, in policy,... More

    30 mins
9:00 AM
  • Leadership - trends

    Disruption, change and trends. The future...

    Join us to hear from futurist, Tim Longhurst, where he will update us on the latest international trends from around the world.

    Tim Longhurst

    Tim Longhurst works with business leaders to identify opportunities and seize them.He combines... More

    1 hour
10:00 AM
  • Break

    Morning tea

    Check out the Ideas Marketplace while grabbing some morning tea in the Peninsula Room

    30 mins
10:30 AM
  • Leadership

    Leadership research latest news

    At Convergence 2016, Professor Giles Hirst, inaugural chair of leadership at the ANU, gave us some of the latest research about  driving a fundamental change in the way we think about leadership. The predominant of leadership development has been to prescribe standards and expectations of how leaders should behave (i.e. 360's, training or goal setting). Giles challenged this by asking leaders:

    Have you ever felt leadership development focused too much on telling you how to behave as a leader? And not enough discussion centered on what behaviors and values were important to you? 

    We are delighted to welcome Professor Hirst back to Convergence 2017 to talk through some of his latest findings over the last 12 months.  We have seen significant leadership challenges around the world, and subsequent disruptions across all spheres of interest. These disruptions include Brexit and the surprise nomination of Donald Trump as president in the US.  

    Professor Hirst will place these challenges into a leadership context and help us build our understanding of some of the new norms in leadership that are appearing.  

    If you are interested in Giles' presentation from Convergence 2016, it is now available for free on Vimeo. 

    Professor Giles Hirst

    Professor Giles Hirst joined the ANU College of Business and Economics as the Inaugural Chair... More

    45 mins
11:15 AM
  • Leadership

    Leaders listen to and enable the future

    Today’s business environment presents an array of business challenges that leaders are expected to understand and address. Increasingly we hear the acronym “VUCA” – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – to describe today’s new norm.

    If businesses are to prosper in this VUCA world, leaders need to face this new reality that the only constant we can rely on today, is change, and there is no real choice when it comes to being agile and responsive

    Leaders are responding to organisational change, macro economic shifts, and technological innovations. Change has become a continuous reality rather than a periodic event.

    Many organisations are focusing on developing their leaders with traditional management and leadership capability. The business landscape is changing so rapidly and dramatically that the traditional approaches to leadership are no longer the most important skills that leaders need. Leaders need to be enablers of change. They need to be change leaders and lead with agility.

    Katrina Boyle

    Katrina is a highly regarded Executive Coach and recognised Change Management Practitioner.... More

    30 mins
11:45 AM
  • Leadership

    Rate me now – I need your review

    Individuals are changing the social glue of society – work, collaboration, business and trust are all being transformed by the new distributed accountability.  How do we work with this, how do we manage this, what are the new tools we need to be able to operate in this transformational period?

    David has lead transformational activities across government and business for over twenty years and is involved in changing the way we think of business forever.

    David Maybin

    David is a senior consulting professional with over twenty years experience in transformation... More

    30 mins
12:15 PM
  • Leadership

    The future of change management

    Change management in 2025 will need to take a quantum leap in its use of the very technology and information explosion that is changing around us today.

    The focus of change management has gone from a known change that is team/project based, impacting a business unit to enterprise change that impacts multiple organisations and is transformative by nature. We are faced with unrelenting change and unprecedented complexity that exists at all levels, globally, nationally, locally, and within projects. With complexity comes unpredictable and dynamic change.

    The 21st century challenges us to change the way we initiate and manage change in our organisations. In an environment where technology and information is exploding; the mobile, digital and social spheres are converging; and the call to action for is to innovate or perish, Kim will explore the future of change management, the change management profession and how we as a profession will need to rise to these challenges.

    Kim Moeller

    Kim Moeller has over 20 years as a business leader, change manager and management consultant... More

    30 mins
12:45 PM
  • Break

    Lunch break

    Take a break and head down to the Peninsula room.  The Ideas Marketplace will be buzzing and we have an after lunch activity to wake you up!

    1.25 hours
2:00 PM
  • Leadership

    Panel session - Collaboration and harmonisation

    All over the world, people are speaking up and demanding change, and organisations have to be flexible enough to deal with the social consequences of that, as well as the fast pace of technology.

    But if change is managed badly, the results can be disastrous. Take the example of 2016's census. The concept was admirable – bring the census online to reduce costs and improve reporting. But the project broke down during delivery, leading to negative comments on social media, a senate enquiry and a lack of trust in the ABS. A lot of navel gazing has happened since to try and understand what went wrong. For some interesting reading, check out the Chief Statisticians recent speech.

    The reality is that poorly managed change always costs you something, whether it’s money, time, or intangible assets like trust. But successfully implementing change can be difficult because you need to be on top of a large and extremely diverse range of skillsets. Add into the mix different organisational cultures, technologies and agendas.

    We've invited a guest panel to discuss this wicked problem - how do align your change programme when you are dealing with a range of industries, capabilities and organisations?

    Our panel is drawn from across a range of sectors, taking on the perspectives as employers, consultants, contractors and capability. Facilitated by award winning social media journalist, Ginger Gorman, bring your questions and challenge our panel on how to collaborate and build harmonisation when delivering a change program.

    Barry Anderson

    Barry brings over 40 years of delivering significant business benefits as a strategic leader... More

    Ginger Gorman

    Ginger Gorman is a fearless and multi award-winning social justice journalist. In the course... More

    Dr Jane Gunn

    Dr Jane Gunn is a Partner in KPMG’s People and Change Canberra practice, where she has... More

    Paula Adamson

    Paula Adamson has more than 29 years’ experience in the public and private sector... More

    Glenn McPhee

    Glenn McPhee is an executive manager for ManpowerGroup. He is the Director of Recruiting... More

    1.5 hours
3:30 PM
  • Break

    Afternoon tea

    Take a break in the Peninsula room! Come and join us at the Ideas Marketplace.

    30 mins
4:00 PM
  • Leadership

    Complexity is the new norm

    It's no surprise ‘complex’ projects are becoming prevalent in Australian and global projects. Navigating sophisticated technology, broadening (and vocal) stakeholder groups, wider ‘enterprises’ of active project participants, and the long duration of major projects can ‘shift’ requirements and challenge the ability of change and project managers to deliver project outcomes.

    Enrique will discuss the need for a structured understanding of the complexity of your change environment based on the key findings from our multi-year research project into project complexity. He will demonstrate how different complexity domains can drive complexity in the project, and how different hard and soft factors impact the success of projects. Lastly, he will look at how to identify focus points for change efforts, and the implications for change managers when scoping, planning and executing change and other projects. 

    Enrique Ugarte

    For 15 years Enrique has advised many of Australia’s leading organisations; helping them... More

    30 mins
4:30 PM
  • Leadership

    Leadership under fire

    Join us with retired Naval Commodore and previous Director General of Military Strategy, Martin Brooker, to talk about what leadership looks like when you are in the cross hairs.  

    We asked Martin to join us because at Convergence 2016, we had a strong conversation about how do we tackle the hard stuff with people. Martin's experience in the military with ordering men into battle proves to be compelling listening. How do you encourage your people to put themselves on the line and take a risk?

    Martin Brooker

    Martin Brooker is a veteran of 37 years service as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy.... More

    30 mins
5:00 PM
  • Connecting drinks

    Please join us for Connecting Drinks in the Ideas Marketplace.  Afterwards, you can jump on a bus and head out to the Enlighten festival and the fabulous night noodle markets!

    1 hour
8:45 AM
  • Welcome day 2

    Grab a barista coffee at the registration desk and come and join us in the Theatre to kick off day two!

    Sonia Irwin

    Sonia has worked in a variety of roles across the public sector for over 20 years, in policy,... More

    15 mins
9:00 AM
  • Capability

    Executive buy-in - creating a language to communicate the value of change

    Joe Hutton is an experienced, enterprise Change Manager and CEO, who has a unique perspective on how to present the value proposition for change management to Executives. 

    The valuable work that is conducted by Change managers needs to be translated into the language and metrics that are of interest to Executives.

    CEOs, CFOs and other Executives are tasked with delivering on business goals and Change managers need the skills to present their case in these terms. Research suggests that successful buy-in and Executive sponsorship is one of leading contributors to project success.

    In this keynote, Joe will outline how change management is often viewed by senior leaders and he will provide practical tips on how to improve the profile of change management in your 'executive suite'.

    Joe Hutton

    Joe has over a decade experience in change management across some of the largest blue-chip... More

    30 mins
9:30 AM
  • Capability

    Creating influence

    Disruption, breakneck pace of change, and the culture of busy is our current default. It puts pressure on our relationships and threatens our ability to make well-informed decisions.

    For influence, we need to connect with our team, our clients, our stakeholders. Mostly, we need to connect deeply with our self. It is the key to leading in moments that matter. And in leadership, all moments matter.

    • Do you try hard to get heard and taken seriously?

    • Are you frustrated that those up the ladder just don't get it?

    • Have you got a lot of responsibility but little authority?

    Zoë will share common communication traps that alienate instead of engage. You'll learn three critical aspects of connection that will allow you to double your influence and halve your people stress. Be seen, heard, and valued!

    Connection Is your leadership edge.

    Zoë Routh

    Zoë Routh is a leadership mentor and speaker. English-born, Canadian-raised,... More

    1 hour
10:30 AM
  • Break

    Morning tea

    Take a break and catch up with old and new friends in the Peninsula room.

    30 mins
11:00 AM
  • Business benefit realisation

    Realising the benefits – the pain and gain of change.

    Increasingly change mangers are held accountable for the outcomes of change rather than just the implementation of change activities.   Sean’s session will focus on the strong linkages between successful change delivery and benefit realisation, providing some real-life case studies that examine the factors contributing to successful outcomes and the pitfalls to avoid.

    Topics will include:

    • Senior stakeholder sponsorship and commitment to successful benefits realisation

    • Expectation management (understanding the current state baseline and the likely future)

    • Creating the ‘stretch’ without the ‘break’

    • Designing ‘end-to-end’ change and determining the right point at which ownership should transfer from a program or project to business as usual

    • Setting the right KPIs to signify change success

    • Embedding change through ongoing benefits measurement and reporting

    Sean will examine the relationship between change effectiveness and benefits realisation, sharing his experiences in supporting a number of major transformation programs in government both in Australia and the UK

    Sean Worth

    Sean is an Executive Director with Synergy Group specialising in benefits realisation. With a... More

    1 hour
  • Methodology

    Pimp your change management

    Ask any group of senior executives how important change capability is to their organisation’s success and 86% will say its in their top three priorities.

    Now ask the same executives if they have a fully funded, resourced plan, with Executive Sponsorship to build that change capability and 86% will break eye contact and check their emails.

    Despite the rapid uptake of Change Management at the project and program levels,  too many organisations are  leaving change capability building to chance, by not treating change capability building as a major project.  Why the resistance?

    Change Management training, hiring Change Managers and building change frameworks are not substitutes for a well thought out, tailored plan. 

    In this interactive session, we will bust the myths of how change capability is built and provide best practices and practical guidelines for embedding change capability into your organisation’s DNA.  

    Catherine Smithson is founder and Managing Director of Being Human Pty Ltd, a leading Change Management consultancy and training firm, and Prosci’s Primary Affiliate for Australia and New Zealand.

    Catherine Smithson

    Catherine Smithson is a leading facilitator, educator and consultant in change and leadership.... More

    1 hour
  • Communications

    Organisational Story hunting: Finding organisational stories for change

    Once upon a time in a land far far away...

    Storytelling is increasingly being considered as part of building a narrative for understanding of organisational change. Storytelling is a lost art in the business world, but the value that it can offer in bringing people along on the change journey shouldn’t be dismissed. What do we mean by storytelling and how do we find these stories anyway?

    Join Jen Burnett, of Deloitte Consulting to build your understanding of story-hunting. She will cover:

    • Use of stories in organisational change

    • Story finding and creating

    • Practicing using stories

    Jennifer Bennett is a Principal in Human Capital with Deloitte Consulting and spends her days listening to, and reading, stories. 

    Jennifer Bennett

    Jennifer Bennett is a Principal in Human Capital with Deloitte Consulting and spends her days... More

    1 hour
  • Innovation

    From little things big things grow

    This practical, interactive session will demonstrate how implementing small, everyday ideas can generate a change of climate in your organisation. However, you need a context which provides support and follow through. Without the right preparation and planning, organisations run into problems and can create lasting damage.

    The Catalyst Approach has been developed through hands-on experience with diverse organisations and is validated by the latest research. We have developed 10 principles for introducing employee based innovation, which will help you to avoid the pitfalls:

    1. Make leadership support visible

    2. Speak a shared language

    3. Encourage every employee to play a role

    4. Make it easy to contribute

    5. Focus on action

    6. Make it easy to connect

    7. Challenge the mindset

    8. Say thank you and mean it

    9. Maintain your community

    10. Capture the value

    The catalyst is the go-to person, the “first listener” and is the key to success. Participants will get first-hand experience of being a catalyst and having a positive conversation using the Catalyst Chat sheet- a core tool for the Catalyst Approach.

    Tess Julian

    After at least 15 years in the field, Tess Julian knows a lot about creating a culture of... More

    1 hour
  • Neuroscience

    IMind - How I lead change

    The most important resource you have for leading change in is your mindset. Neuroscience has provided us with deep insights into understanding our beliefs, our cultural histories, our assumptions and how our experiences influence how we behave in the world. There is one key frame that Tiffany has developed and works with every day (iMIND) to intervene in her own practice as a leader and to intervene in her client systems to craft change initiatives that will engage and enable effective change.

    At this interactive session:

    • Explore why iMIND and the science behind iMIND

    • How to apply iMIND in your practice and in leading change.


    Learn how to create intentional change.

    Tiffany Gray

    Tiffany has had over 25 years working experience in leadership and management roles, business... More

    2 hours
12:00 PM
  • Agile methodology

    Agile change

    Organisations are increasingly moving to working in an agile way, and on top of that, the challenge we all have is the need to respond at pace to the new customer landscape.

    In response to this, the ability to apply an agile change approach to your current programs using a mix of lean change tools and a shift in mindset and ways of working is paramount to success. So come along if you want to:

    • Learn how to develop your own change approach

    • Cut through the process madness and deliver faster results

    • Hear about how to design change options together with the business, and

    • Add new ideas and tools to your existing toolkit

    In this one hour masterclass Jude will provide insights, approaches and tools to assist you to be more responsive and effective as a change leader.

    Jude Horrill

    Jude Horrill has a wealth of experience gained from executive roles in change and enterprise... More

    1 hour
  • Planning transformation

    Alchemy of change

    This workshop will provide practical insights into the latest tools and techniques for leading successful change, underpinned by Bendelta’s ‘Alchemy of Change’ framework and a case study of its application.

    You will learn about the practical application of scientific evidence from the fields of behavioural economics, neuroscience, motivational theory and gamification to:

    • Define change in terms of its clearest and most important elements

    • Overcome resistance and inertia, and

    • Plan the transformation.

    Join Paul Barrie and together, we will demystify the seemingly magical process of transformation.  

    Paul Barrie

    Paul specialises in facilitating experiential leadership, youth development, strategic policy... More

    1 hour
  • Change hacks

    Dare to disrupt

    Find out how a bold start-up mentality was applied in a large organisation to hack for change.

    Lena will share her story about how she initiated and rolled out an innovative approach for collaboration and co-creation that disrupted hierarchy, systems and processes and conventional learning and communication models.

    What started as an experiment became a culture hack!  This initiative resulted in winning an inaugural industry award for the category of social and collaborative learning.

    Lena will walk through the steps and tips on how you can apply and replicate these practices straight away to achieve cut-through and deeper engagement in your organisation.

    Lena Ross

    Lena is fascinated with human behaviour - the good, the bad and the downright ugly! With over... More

    1 hour
  • Team engagement

    Team motivation? Designing strategies to engage.

    Strategies to integrate engagement and innovation for the future of work.

    What is team engagement and how does this differ from individual motivation? During this session we will cover the meaning of motivation and applying this to teams to boost engagement and performance. We will discuss the impacts of the future of work and how implementing team motivation strategies can boost innovation and acceptance for change.

    At the end of the session, participants will have developed a short workbook including a set of useful strategies and tools to tackle managing change in the workplace using individual and team motivation concepts.

    Simone Mills

    Simone Mills possesses over 20 years of human resources, organisational development and... More

    1 hour
1:00 PM
  • Break


    Join us for lunch on the deck and in the Peninsula room

    1 hour
2:00 PM
  • Capability

    Change versus project management?

    So where does project management end and change management begin?  A question that often puts practitioners into a free fall when leading programmes and projects through a change process.  Who should be in charge?  What does each approach offer?  

    We've invited two senior leaders in these respective fields to talk about the value of change and project management.  With special guest facilitator, Nick Housego of the International Association of Facilitators, we will hear different perspectives about managing the same game. Can we create harmony between them?

    Join educator Christina Dean and author Collin Ellis to talk about their own perspectives, and to offer some wisdom about creating alignment.  Is it possible?

    Colin Ellis

    Colin Ellis is the author of The Conscious Project Leader and a highly sought after project... More

    Christina Dean

    Christina Dean is the Managing Director of Uniforté Pty Ltd, a boutique Change Management... More

    Nick Housego

    Nick is a highly skilled specialist facilitator, with a proactive relationship management... More

    1.5 hours
3:30 PM
  • Break

    Afternoon tea

    Join us for afternoon tea on the deck of the Peninsula room.

    30 mins
4:00 PM
  • Business analysis

    Business analysis and requirements development; the underrated capabilities.

    An hour long master class on business analysis and requirements? Could there be a more boring topic? Does it take an hour to tell you that ‘business requirements are the ‘what’ and design is the ‘how’? Why do we even need requirements now the world is ‘Agile’?

    Well, considering business requirements are one of the BIGGEST problems that projects encounter, you really need to take part in this one…

    This master class hosted by Kristina Williams, Principal Consultant at Predicate Partners. Kristina has worked in the ‘change industry’ for 20 years and understands in detail what you need to do to make change work. Insightful and light-hearted, Kristina will happily share her story and her experiences and demonstrate criticality of the business analyst in our digital transformation journey.

    This will include how to best support the business analysts and better manage the requirements development processes.

    Kristina Williams

    Kristina is a highly motivated and experienced change manager and business analyst. Recognised... More

    1 hour
  • Learning and development

    Using the 70:20:10 implementation as a launching pad for cultural change

    How learning, organisational development and change management can work together to successfully drive business transformation. Based on the 70:20:10 Certification,  Ute will demonstrate the vast richness of the 70:20:10 Forum and explain how you could use this  certification to drive change in a government context.

    They will include table exercises such as a couple of cognitive biases and how 70:20:10 connects with change management and the establishment of a “continuous learning eco system”.

    Ute Diversi

    Ute is a highly skilled Organisational Psychologist (Masters), Change Manager, HR, Learning... More

    1 hour
  • Mystery box selection - The magic of change

    The Magic of Change – the secrets behind the Magic

    Magic is in the eye of the beholder. As a project professional, how you conjure the magic of change into your project and organisational environment will be revealed in this highly interactive presentation. Selling and introducing change in any organisation is challenging. This presentation reveals the Magic tricks behind selling and successfully introducing, embedding and sustaining the identified change.

    Haydn Thomas

    Haydn has over 20 years of real world experience in management, portfolio, program and project... More

    Sonia Irwin

    Sonia has worked in a variety of roles across the public sector for over 20 years, in policy,... More

    1 hour
  • Culture

    Chaos, complexity and cultural change

    Merv Wilkinson will lead us through a selection of curated activities focusing upon the principles of chaos and complexity which address and challenge the way we make decisions and facilitate and lead change in our organisations. How we lead change depends upon our assumptions about many elements.

    Merv will take us through activities that will raise questions about how and what we have been doing. The interactive activities will assist us to see how we can enable organisational change in different ways using “new sciences” rather than old, rationalist, logical approaches. Merv runs these workshops around capital cities in Australia now and says for participants it is often a new way to think and “paradigm busting”.

    Dr Mervyn Wilkinson

    Dr Merv Wilkinson leads people through cultural change within complex adaptive systems. He is... More

    1 hour
  • Stakeholder engagement

    Collaboration for stakeholder engagement

    If you’ve worked on stakeholder engagement before you’ll know that they can be tricky to bring together and manage, especially when they involve people and organisations from different sectors. Even before we get into organisation-specific issues, there are cultural and “language” barriers that often get in the way. And if everyone is keen to do something, there may be a gap in the “how-to” part of the process. 

    People are often asking:

    • How do I map out collaboration opportunities?

    • How do we develop our ideas efficiently and effectively?

    • How do we create buy-in and align key players?

    • How do we identify and mitigate project risks?

    • How do we keep development and implementation on track?

    This collaboration tool helps you deal with these issues and makes the process easier. Phil Preston (the Collaborative Advantage) and James Young (Facilitated Connections) adapted the Collaboration Canvas master-plan for use as a tool for managing public sector stakeholder engagement

    James Young

    Do you love research? Research has been the common theme throughout James’ career... More

    1 hour
5:00 PM
  • Break

    Join us for drinks and say goodbye to the conference part of Convergence 2017.  The Intensive series will kick off on the following day.

    1 hour
9:00 AM
  • Managing change fatigue

    Managing challenging projects

    How do you perform under pressure? Are you or your team going into a new project but already suffering change fatigue?

    More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That's true in the cancer ward, true in the Olympics and its true in the boardroom. Harvard Business Review May 2002.

    Why is it that some people thrive under pressure and others whither? Why do some organisations do well in a downturn and others collapse? It is because they are more resilient. Recent studies have found that people who thrive have certain habits and traits that the less resilient do not. Fortunately we can all learn the habits of good mental fitness, improve our resilience and stop pressure turning into stress.

    In this course Cris Popp will present a Resilience Compass for navigating work challenges with tenacity and humour. It will help you and your team bounce back better.

    Participants will walk away with skills to:

    • manage yourself and others when in a moderately or high pressure position,
    • deal with the adversity and challenge that are features of your workplace,
    • help you when you are experiencing moderate or high levels of stress,
    • coach others (or yourself) to perform under pressure,
    • have ideas on how to achieve a better balance between work and life, and
    • thrive from even when the going gets tough.
    Cris Popp

    Cris is an experienced facilitator, trainer and speaker. He specialises in the areas of change... More

    8 hours
  • Change measurement

    Managing progress towards change.

    While traditional change management frameworks and methods provide details on the levers of change, they often fall short on how progress towards change can be measured.

    In this Master Class, Kim challenges the question why would you embark on a change journey if you can measure progress towards the benefits that need to be realised? Kim will guide you through the workshop, showing you how you can measure the journey that individuals (and groups to which they belong) must take before a change is embedded into the way we do things around here.

    This measurement approach is a powerful way of analysing progress of specific stakeholder groups for multiple changes across the enterprise and identifying the right interventions at the right time aims to support progress towards a new way of working to achieve desired outcomes.

    Participants will walk away with:

    • an understanding of different ways to measure progress towards change,
    • the keys understanding and managing change at an enterprise level,
    • the ability to articulate progress towards enterprise level change at the executive table, and
    • a model for understanding change and change patterns at an enterprise level.
    Kim Moeller

    Kim Moeller has over 20 years as a business leader, change manager and management consultant... More

    3 hours
  • Leadership

    Demonstrating courageous leadership - effectively manage politically charged projects

    This is an advanced leadership workshop to prepare project and change managers for successful interactions with senior management and to effectively manage politically charged projects.

    The workshop describes communication styles, personal risk assessment approaches and helps attendees prepare for the challenging discussions that need to be held to successfully deliver complex initiatives involving multiple senior stakeholders. Included in the workshop is the ability to successfully counter the directions of management. This requires the project manager to challenge, pushback and make suggestions to management that defend project integrity against the expectations of your key stakeholders. T

    The application of standard leadership techniques is compared and contrasted with “courageous” approaches, along with the circumstances under which courageous approaches are necessary. The workshop goes on to assist the attendees with understanding and formulating the “difficult conversations” that need to take place in order to “say no” to senior leaders, as a means of assisting the project or change manager to support their businesses with the greatest degree of integrity.

    Exercises that provide attendees the means to practice the formulation of these conversations are a pivotal part of this stimulating and highly interactive workshop.

     Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Expand their influence as a leader
    • Recognise situations when courageous leadership techniques are required for success
    • Discuss approaches for successfully dealing with senior managers and stakeholders
    • Discuss techniques to prepare for “Difficult Conversations
    Haydn Thomas

    Haydn has over 20 years of real world experience in management, portfolio, program and project... More

    8 hours
12:00 PM
  • Break

    Join us on the Peninsula deck for lunch.

    1 hour
1:00 PM
  • Adaptation

    Implementing Convergence ideas in your workspace

    John Prentice, Director of Change Enablement presented a compelling one hour masterclass at Convergence 2016.  We've invited him back to help us create action from everything that Convergence 2017 has offered.

    John will work with you on the new economy efficiencies / old economy relationships.

    Use this half day masterclass to bring together what you've learnt from this years conference and make a plan for how you'll apply and share your learnings with your team and those around you to strengthen your working relationships to increase the speed of acceptance and adoption with your change project.

    John Prentice

    John is an experienced certified change management professional, and is an emerging leader in... More

    3 hours