About our event

What you need to know about Redgrass and Convergence.

Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd is a social enterprise in that we work from the idea of cost recovery for our time and paying our suppliers,

  • paying our subcontrators their normal rates plus a share of profit based on their value in achieving our success, and
  • contributing into charities and causes in our local community.

Our conference fees are set in accordance with these principles.

This event has been funded by Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd. We gratefully acknowledge our sponsors and speakers who have waived fees or helped us to make Convergence happen.

If Convergence sells out by the event, we will ask your help on the day in identifying several causes/charities that Redgrass Communications wants to support in Australia.

Please note: 10% GST will be charged on top of the registration fee.

About Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd

Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd is a boutique change communications organisation.  We work with clients to help transition their staff, stakeholders and audiences from an old state into a new paradigm.

We primarily focus on public sector organisations and not for profits and we happily engage with the business world to bring new ideas on how to get change right for the community.

Our founder, Sonia Irwin, is a committee member of the ACT Chapter of the Change Management Institute, a board member of the Warehouse Circus, a not-for-profit that teaches kids circus skills amongst other things, and a board member of the Women in Information Communications, a not-for-profit focused on promoting women in STEM subjects.

Our only event, Convergence Australia, is funded and created by Redgrass Communications and we thank those that sponsor us to help teach people about making organisational change easier.

Our goal is to help the world change to be a better place. 

That starts with you.

Sonia Irwin

Founder of Convergence Australia

Please contact her via LinkedIN or on 0423 878 226.