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In Deeper - NPDL Conference 2018

Oct 2018
09:00 AM
Novotel Twin Waters, Ocean Drive Twin Waters Queensland Australia 4564

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The ‘Deep Learning Lab Queensland’ is a conference for system, school and classroom leaders who are inspired to support students through future proofing their beliefs, behaviours, skills and capabilities to be versatile and successful at school and in life beyond school.

We know that the world is moving exponentially as we launch into the fourth industrial revolution, we know the trajectory of innovative and automated technologies is unprecedented, we also know that we are preparing our students for a world increasingly different from the one we currently experience.

As educators, what is our response to these challenges and opportunities?

One response is to work collaboratively to change the role of educators to that of activators of learning. To support the confidence and capability of teachers to design learning experiences that build on the learner's strengths and needs. To innovate and create new knowledge using real-context problem-solving, and help all students identify their talents, purpose and passion.
This is the story of more than 50 schools in Queensland who are driving change through the lens state school improvement and the tools provided by ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’ (NPDL) to support the design of deeper learning opportunities in their schools. The NPDL tools and practices are generated and refined through ongoing action-research. These ‘ways of working’ support collaborative thinking to redesign the teaching and learning experience with a strong focus on pedagogy, partnerships, environments and digital. These tools have been developed with an intentional emphasis on cultivating teachers and students’ proficiency to think with intent, improve adaptability and capability to:
• Be creative
• Critically think
• Communicate effectively
• Collaborate
• Be a local and global citizen
• Develop character, grit and perseverance.
We invite you to join us at the ‘Deep Learning Lab Queensland’ to learn more about the journey of our schools as they prototype, scale and generate sustainable success to serve all children and communities.

Register your interest for the 2018 Deep Learning Lab to be held at Novotel Twin Waters on 15 and 16 October.



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Novotel Twin Waters

Ocean Drive
Twin Waters
Queensland Australia 4564

Address: Ocean Dr, Twin Waters Qld 4564
Phone: (07) 5448 8000

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