Create and manage your event with ease

Manage everything from small meetings or parties, right up to multi-day conferences and exhibitions quickly and easily.

Easy delegate management

Managing delegates is easy and pain free with iVvy, mainly because they do all the work for you! Attendees can register themselves online, and the system collects all the information you need about them, such as menu choices and shirt sizes. Then they can choose accommodation options and make their final payment online - all in a few minutes.

  • Delegate portal
  • Name badging
  • Seating management

Real-time Reporting

You won't need to guess or estimate the results of your event anymore - iVvy's real-time reporting functionality tracks everything instantly. From the moment you launch your event you'll have access to analytics on every aspect, so you can see trends as they happen and check your performance at a glance.

Build your own custom reports

Don't just limit yourself to the standard reports we have built for you, create you own using our flexible report builder. Choose the information you want, how you want it sorted, and how often you want it sent to you or someone in your team, and even in a format that suits your needs.

Event organisers smart phone Apps

Need offline access to your event's data, well you can download iVvy's free iPhone and Android application's. It allows you to not only see information about your attendees, sessions, registrations and payments, but also scan attendees as they enter the event.


Integrated with 50+ third party apps

Synchronize your contacts, invoices and financial data with other software that you use. You could use this integration to automatically convert iVvy sold tickets or registrations to invoices, or automatically generating (Inventory) items in an accounting system or copy your contacts into your CRM for more business intelligence.

iVvy Integrations

One contact for everything

Imagine a centralised database containing all of your contacts no matter which events they have attended with.

  • Single history of all email communications
  • Market to your entire database easily