Ivvy is for Event Management Online

Are you struggling to find time to plan your next conference or business meeting?

Ivvy specialises in event management online, providing your business with a simple, easy-to-understand online events program.

Plan absolutely everything you need for your next event in one centralised place. Cut down on the phone calls, chasing attendees for registration, managing multiple bookings across a range of mediums and drafting surveys afterwards.

With Ivvy you have just one program which does the lot!

Traditionally, managing large events involves a range of complex processes and relying on a large resource pool. Now it’s never been easier with a tailored management program which gives you live access to function rooms, accommodation options, catering, and everything else you need to ensure your next event is a complete success.

End to End Management

All your bookings are held securely in a single program. No more accidental double-bookings and no more loosing people in the paperwork. With a simple, efficient interface, you have instant visibility of the progress of your next event whenever and where ever you need it.

Our online events management software is cloud-based which means you can safely access live data from any internet connection. Ensure everyone is on the same page and keep your bookings and function data entirely transparent.

After the event, Ivvy offers you the option of distributing surveys to your attendees and managing their feedback. Quick and easy reports show you cost analysis, attendance records and where you got the best deals.

Anything & Everything You Need

As a tailored program, Ivvy’s event management allows you to manage all kinds of functions from large-scale events to smaller business meetings.