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Adding Connecting Flights

Connecting flights, are flights that may change flight number and/or airline when the attendee stops to get the next flight on the way to the final destination. Once you have added your flight (your original flight from original departure location to the final arrival destination), you can add in the connections for it.

As a result of adding in the connections, the attendees will be fully aware of connections when selecting the flight, and be given a detailed itinerary of all time related bookings.

To add a connecting flight to your flight:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Travel > Flights
  2. Edit an existing flight that the connection relates to. If you don’t have a flight set up yet, refer to Adding Flights to your event
  3. Click on the connections tab
  4. Click “Add Connection”
  5. Select “Add New” unless you have already added the connection previously to another flight.
  6. Add in the departure date, and arrival date of the flight for this connection.
  7. Add in carrier and flight information.
  8. If you have a PNR add it in
  9. Set “show on website” to yes (If you need to change this later, you can).
  10. If you want to set an automatic close date for the connection, you can add this in as well.
  11. Save
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