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Creating Menu Items

Menu items are the individual items that make up a menu. To use the menu items they need to be attached to a menu.

Each individual menu item can be used across multiple menus.  If this has occurred, if one of identical menu items is amended/changed all other menus using the same identical item will also automatically be updated.

If you have the same menu item available at different prices and in different menus but do not wish for it to automatically update across all menus to be identical, you will need to add the menu item into the system more than once (to be stand alone menu items).

For Example:

Menu – Breakfast Buffet
Menu Items could be 

Eggs & Bacon
Assorted Breads
Assorted Cereals

NOTE: It is advisable to add all of your menu items as you add your menus and not directly into the menu items section of the system.

Find out more about Creating Menus.


Please see a guide below on each of the buttons

Edit - Allow you to edit existing menu item.

Delete - Allow you to delete an existing menu item.

Copy - Allow you to copy a menu item into one or more of your venues in your account based on your access to the venues.

Save Sort Order - located on the left hand side of each menu item this will enable you to click and drag to sort to an order of your choice. The save sort order button must be clicked for the order to be remembered. 


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