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Viewing Your Quotes and Bookings in the Function Diary

There are a variety of settings you can personalise or change at a click of a button.

  • You are able to view the quoted, tentative and confirmed bookings within a Day, Week or Month view.
    Select the button  

  • Quoted, Tentative and Confirmed bookings are colour coded.

    Note: To filter out any of the above three types, the key in the top left hand of the function diary allows you to click on the types and remove them from appearing in the calendar. 

  • To search a date of interest in the past or future, select the button 

  • To navigate back to Todays date, select the button  

  • You can alter the size of the display by clicking % and changing it to: 100% / 150% / 200% / 400%
    Select the button 

  • To filter by categories, select the button 
    Find out more about Creating categories for your Function Spaces.

  • To make the diary full screen press on the double arrow in the top right hand corner, select the button 


To view the individual booking whilst in the Function Diary hover over the booking with your mouse

A pop up screen will appear. and display the following;

  • Booking Reference Code 

  • Coordinator

  •  Date Booked On

  •  Start Date and time

  •  End Date and time

  •  Amount of Days

  •  Amount of Room Nights

  •  All Sessions

  •  Total Value $


To print a Singular Venues' Function Diary

  1. Navigate to the venue of interest > Function Diary

  2. Click Print



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