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Blocking a Space in the Function Diary

Blocking a space within your function diary allows you to restrict access to prevent someone adding a quote or booking. 

Ideal for situations where maintenance is required on the space or damage has occurred and can not be used as a function space for a period of time.

Blocking A Space.

To block a space Navigate to Venue of interest > Function Diary.

There are two ways to be able to click on to complete the blocking of the space. 

Option 1; Selecting the blue square with the white plus sign on the left hand side near the top, And complete the following steps .

  1. Select “Blockout Space” and click.

  2. Enter a Name; the name must be unique charters each time for it to work.

  3. Select the Space you would like to book.

  4. Enter the Start and End Date and Time and click "Save".

Option 2; Hovering over the space and date and clicking on the space/area of interest and complete the same steps as above.

The space will then be blocked out and show in grey in the Function Diary.

To view the details hover over the blocked out space and the basic details will be displayed.


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