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Cancelling a Booking

If a booking has progressed to Tentative or Confirmed and is no longer going ahead, you can change the status of the booking to Cancelled.

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings > Select your booking

  2. Click on the Details Tab

  3. Scroll down to the status and click Change Status

  4. Change the New Status to Cancelled

  5. You will be prompted to update the opportunity status to cancelled as well. This will be set as Yes by default. You can choose to change this to NO, and manually update the opportunity to another stage as required

  6. Enter the reason for the booking cancelling. This will be tracked in your reports

  7. Enter the optional Lost to Property if you know if your customer went with a competitor

  8. Confirm the date that the booking was cancelled. This will be tracked in your reports

  9. Click CHANGE

The booking can still be found on the Bookings Tab by using the filter CANCELLED. Cancelled bookings can be moved and reinstated at a future date without having to be re-created.

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