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Creating Notes in a Booking

Booking notes are a way to add comments or notes directly to your Event Orders (BEOs). You can create template default notes that can be selected for a booking, or create new or bespoke notes for specific bookings

Creating Default Note Templates
Default Notes allow you to create a template that can be inserted into your bookings as a note, without having to type them out each time. You can also tell the system that a note type is mandatory before a BEO can be created within bookings. E.g. A BEO cannot be created unless cleaning notes have been added to the booking.

To create a default note:

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Templates > Default Booking Notes
  2. Click "Add Default Note" 
  3. Add the text for the note. You can add in tables, dot points, number bullet points, hyperlinks, etc. The idea is to create a note that can be quickly edited by your team for each individual booking
  4. Under Applies To: Use the Drop-down Box to choose what section or heading you would like the note to appear under
  5. Select if this is a mandatory note by setting “Is Required” as yes. This means that this note must be added to a booking before you are able to generate an event order
  6. Click Save


Using notes in a booking.

  1. Edit your Booking
  2. Click on Notes
  3. Click "Add Item". 
    1. If you wish to use a default note template click "Add Default Note
    2. If you need a new note, click "Add New"
  4. If you do not wish the note to appear on the BEO, then change “Is Private” to Yes.
  5. Select where you want the note to appear on the Event Order
    For example, if you wish to put a note on a particular menu, select 'Applies to:' 'MENU' and then tick the appropriate menu(s) that the note applies to.



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