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Adding Accommodation Blocks to a Quote or Booking

Group Accommodation can be easily added to any Quote or Booking.

This article will cover;

iVvy has several PMS integrations that can sync your Rates, Inventory, and Availability in realtime. Learn more about our PMS Integrations. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@ivvy.com for further details.

For a detailed overview of how our PMS Integrations work, please review our API - Property Management Systems.

Please Note: If you have not synced your iVvy Venue with your PMS, any Accommodation Blocks that you add to iVvy will also need to be manually added to your PMS before they are reflected in your PMS.


Adding an Accommodation Block

To Add an Accommodation Block to your quote or booking, you will first need to ensure you have selected "Accommodation Required = Yes" from the Details tab and select the Arrival Date and Departure Date.

You will then be prompted with the following optional fields that can be merged into your quotes and contract documents:

  • Cut Off Date - The last date before any further reservations can be made for the selected date range.

  • Block Cancellation Date - The last date that a cancellation can be made without financial penalty.

  • Charging Method - How the Rooms will be Charged.

  • Guarantee Required - Is a Credit Card required to guarantee the reservation. 

  • Block ID - This will be the ID from your PMS if you have integrated your PMS with iVvy.

  • Reservation Method - How will you be obtaining guest names.

  • Reservation Cancellation Date - The last date that attendees can cancel their reservation.

  • Arrival Method - how will the group be arriving at your venue.

Note; if default accommodation settings have been added to your account they will automatically pull through when adding a accommodation block. This can easily be amended once in the booking if required.

To add or amend your default settings in relation to Cut off date / Block Cancellation date / Reservation Cancellation date (based on number of days prior to event/booking) - Navigate to Setup > Accommodation > Settings and complete the default settings.

Adding Rooms to your Quote or Contract

  1. Click onto Accommodation Block > Group Accommodation.

  2. Click Add Group.

  3. Select a Rate Plan if you have loaded in static rates, or select the rate plan that you have mapped to your PMS.

  4. Select the Room Type.
    Note: if you need to add multiple room types to a quote or booking, simply repeat these steps for each room type.

  5. The Arrival and Departure Dates will be pre-populated from the Details Tab. You can override these dates as required, as long as they remain within the date range selected in the details tab. If you need to add group accommodation outside of these dates, simply extend the date range from the Details Tab.

  6. Click Rooms & Rates.

  7. Enter the number of rooms required.

  8. Enter or confirm the price for each room. Note: If you have connected iVvy to your PMS, the room cost will be automatically be entered from the PMS in realtime.

  9. Select if any of the rooms are to be paid by the guest. The cost for the number of rooms to be paid by the guest will be removed from the invoices that you generate from within iVvy.

  10. Ensure that the correct taxes have been applied. You can set the default taxes to be applied by navigating to Setup > Venue Details > Settings > Default Accommodation Taxes.

    Room Extras

  11. If you wish to add in any room extras, click onto Extras.

  12. Select the required Extra.

  13. Enter the quantity of this extra is to be added to each room.

  14. Enter the price for the extra. Add the price as zero for a complimentary room extra.

  15. Select the number quantity of rooms the extra will be added to.

  16. Select if the guest is to pay for the extra separately by adding in the number of rooms to be paid by guests. This cost will be removed from the invoices that you generate from within iVvy.

  17. Select the required taxes and cost centre to allocate the revenue to.

  18. Click Save


Adding Release Schedules

If your booking contract is subject to a release schedule you can add it to the accommodation block. You can add multiple terms to the release schedule, each with its own date and release action. If you have integrated iVvy with your PMS, the release schedule will update the blocks in your PMS according to the terms setup below.

The Release Schedule is also a merge item that can be added to your document templates. Learn more about Editing your Document Templates

  1. Click on Release Schedule.

  2. Click Add Term.

  3. Enter the Number of Days before the event date to release the rooms.

  4. Select either the number of rooms to be released on this date, or the percentage of all rooms to be released.

  5. Press Save.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each required term.
    For example, you can set a schedule of 20% off unconfirmed rooms to be removed at 30, 60 and 90 days before the event.


Adding Concessions 

Concessions allow you to provide complimentary rooms once a set amount of rooms have been booked.

  1. Click on Concessions.

  2. Enter the number of rooms to be booked before a complimentary room is available. For example, you may set 1 in 20 rooms booked are complimentary.

  3. Set the maximum number of rooms that can be made complimentary.
    For example, if you enter 1 room max, a customer can book 60 rooms and only 1 room will be complimentary. If you set this as 3 rooms max, up to 3 rooms will be complimentary from 60 booked rooms and above.

  4. On the Summary Tab, the rooms will be shown as Complimentary and will not count towards the calculation of the accommodation revenue.




Adding Room Reservations

Once your booking status has been changed to Confirmed, you will be able to add in your Room Reservations or Rooming Lists. If iVvy is integrated with your PMS, the Rooming List will automatically sync between iVvy and the PMS in a 2-way sync, meaning you can create the list in either system.
Check in and check out will both be updated in both systems through the integration.

  1. Click on Room Reservations.

  2. Click Add Reservation.

  3. Select New Guest or Existing Guest. 
    New Guest - Please enter in the mandatory fields
    Existing Guest - Search for the guest in the search bar


    Click on Rooms.

  4. Click Add Room.

  5. Select the Group Room Type the guest will be sleeping in.

  6. Confirm the arrival and departure dates.

  7. Confirm the Number of Adults and Children staying in the room.

  8. Select if this guest is the primary contact for the room or is a guest accompanying another contact.

  9. Select if you wish to override the sleeping capacity of the room.

  10. Click on Additional Guest and click Add Guest if there are additional contacts sharing a room.

  11. Confirm the individual room rate being charged.


Setting the Status of a Room Reservation

Once your guests pay and arrive at the venue, you can use iVvy to update the status of each reservation.
Note: If you have integrated iVvy with your PMS, the status will be updated in a 2-way sync between systems.

  1. Select a Reservation(s)

  2. Click Change Status. The options are
    - Confirm
    - Check In
    - Check Out
    - Cancel

  3. This list can be printed or exported by clicking the Print Page and Export Data buttons


Forecast Vs Contracted Vs Actual Rates, Size and Revenue

  • Once you have saved your group accommodation as a Quote, the Forecast Size, Rate and Revenue will be recorded in the block

  • When the Quote is turned to Confirmed, the Contracted Size, Rate and Revenue will be recorded in the block

  • Once Checkout has been completed, you can return to the Group Accommodation tab, select each room type and click on Update Actual to record the exact number of rooms occupied for this event. 
    Note: If you have connected iVvy to your PMS, the Actual or Pickup will be automatically updated in iVvy from your PMS.


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