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Setting up your Events Xero Integration

Step 1: Account Level Setup

Note: If you do not already have the required company files setup in Xero, you will need to log into Xero first, set up your company files and make sure that you have a bank account setup for each with a valid code.


Xero Login:

  1. Making sure that you are already logged into Xero Account in your browser, open a new tab and navigate to the following URL https://app.xero.com/Application/Add

  2. Fill in the app details. 

    App Name; An appropriate name that you will recognize

    Company or Application URL: This does not affect the app, so own company URL can be added here. 

    OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL: https://x9qxnsa3fl.execute-api.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/production/Callback

  3.  Save. A client ID will be provided, and a button will be available to generate a secret. Store both of these items securely for the next step.  

iVvy Login:

  1. Login to iVvy, and to go Global Settings > Applications > Extensions. You will see a list of available extensions for your account. Select Xero Events and click Install.

  2. You will then be taken to a page asking for an xero consumer key and consumer secret. Go to Xero (screenshot above) and grab the consumer information and paste into iVvy.

  3.  Installation will be redirected to a Xero page to give the user configuration of which company file to select. Allow access to the correct company file and continue.  


  4. Once allowed access, you will land on the configuration of the extension


    Account Code: This drop down will provide you a list of your Xero chart of accounts in your company file to assign the account code too. This will be automatically assigned to your invoices that come through iVvy.

    Bank Account: This will list your bank accounts that you have set up in iVvy. The Xero - iVvy application requires a bank account in Xero has a code assigned. As you can see from the below screenshot that our Xero Test account has a code of 101. Please make sure this is the case before continuing. This is the bank account that your invoices will be assigned to.


    Select Country

    Select TaxType: will drop down when you select a country. This will auto-populate with the correct default option for your Account Code e.g. if you are using Sales and its set to “GST on Income” in your chart of accounts, than this field still also set to “GST on Income”. If you wish to change the tax rate setting, we recommend you do it in your chart of accounts first, and then allow the extension to automatically assign it.

    Invoice Push From Date: This is the date that you want start to sync your invoices “from” . For example: if you only want to sync from the start of the latest financial year, then you would put in 01/06/, or if you have manually pulled all your invoices into Xero up until the end of last month, you would put in the start of this month's date.

  5. Click Save. You should now get a "configuration completed successfully" message.

If you only have one event, or multiple events and wish for them to all come into the same company file, then you will cease your setup here.


Step 2: Event Level Extension Setup

If you have multiple events, and wish them to use different company files, or just select particular events to sync rather than all.

When you complete a event level setup, the account level ceases to operate. This is to support each event having their own account or company file, or to just filter in particular events rather an all events going into the same company file. The setup on the account level still needs to be completed first however before being able to do a event level setup.

iVvy Login:

  1. Go to the first event and click Setup > Extensions.

  2. Then select Add > Xero Events.


  3. The configuration steps will now be the same as above so follow the same instructions, making sure that you select the relevant information as you continue.

  4. Repeat for each venue that you wish to setup a sync for.


Xero Events Extensions: Guidelines

Please be aware of the following behaviour when using the iVvy - Xero Extension:

  1. iVvy Events Invoices continuously change until they are paid, so a sync will not happen until the status of the iVvy invoice is marked as “Paid”.

  2. Credit Notes are not currently supported by the iVvy -> Xero extension. If a credit is completed in iVvy, you will need to notify the accounts team to duplicate in Myob.

  3. If an invoice is created and cancelled within the same sync period, then it will not appear in Xero at all.

  4. When creating the contacts in Xero, each user will be added to a group called “iVvy Contacts” so that they can be easily identified as coming from iVvy as the source.

  5. As iVvy does not use Tax Codes, there will be no varying tax codes assigned from iVvy to Xero. Every line item in Xero will be assigned with the default tax code used in the initial extension Setup. E.g. GST on Income.

  6. To access your transaction log, you can go back to where the extension was configured, and there will be a tab which allows you to see the transaction history of your sync. This will alert you to any issues that may have been noted during a sync.


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