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How to use the booking import function

In order to use the booking importer you will need to create a .csv file and you will need certain fields with specific formatting to allow for a smooth import.

The below fields are able to be imported using this method:

  • Booking Name - This is the name that will be given to the booking
  • Event Date - This will be the date for the event. Must be in the format of: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Booking Reference - This must be a unique reference for each of your bookings
  • Booking Status - Can be Prospective, Tentative or Confirmed
  • Coordinator - Must match the username of a user in the account
  • Total Amount - As a whole number. Must not include commas, $ or any symbols
  • Attendees # - Total attendees for the booking. Must not exceed max pax for the space
  • Function Space - Must match a space name in your venue exactly
  • Session Start Time - Time must be in HH:MM:SS format
  • Session End Time - Time must be in HH:MM:SS format e.g. 16:00:00
  • Company Name - Optional
  • Contact - Full Name - Must be in the format: "Lastname, Firstname" without the quotes
  • Contact - Email - Required, must be a valid email
  • Contact - Phone - Optional

For Multi-Day or Multi-Space events you will need to create each additional day/space as a separate line in your document with their own unique reference number.



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