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Adding offline payment options to invoices

In the iVvy Venues software, it is possible to show offline payment options on your invoices including direct deposit details, BPAY, Cheque and Credit Card. Once these details are added to the setup of your venue they will appear at the bottom of every invoice generated.

Additionally, it is possible to have multiple offline gateways that can apply specifically to bookings that are; accommodation only, event (or function) only or a combination of both in the case that you need to direct payment based on the event details.

Creating an Offline Gateway

Adding Direct Deposit, BACS or Wire Transfer Information

BPay (AUS Only)

Accepting Cheques

Credit Card Payments



Creating an Offline Gateway

There are two ways to add a gateway to your iVvy venue depending on whether or not the details of the gateway can apply to multiple venues in your account. If you have one set of details that applies to several venues in your account you can add a Global Offline Gateway

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > Billing and Taxes > Payment Gateways  

  2. Click Add Gateway > Offline.

  3. From here you will need to give your gateway a name and, using the other sections in this article, add the details for your offline payment options. Once complete click Save and follow the below to add your gateway to your venue.

To assign a venue-specific set of details or if you need to assign a global offline gateway to a venue

  1. View your Venue and navigate to Setup > Billing & Taxes > Payment Gateways.

  2. If you do not have a global gateway and need to add a new one simply click Add Gateway > New Gateway > Offline 

  3. If you are adding an existing gateway click Add Gateway > Existing Gateway > Select (Name of global offline gateway). 

  4. You will need to give your gateway a unique name to the venue


Adding Direct Deposit, BACS or Wire Transfer Information

  1. Select Accept Direct Deposits = YES

  2. Enter an Account Name, Number and Banking Institution 
    AUS - Enter a BSB Number 
    UK - Enter a Sort Code Number
    US - Enter a Routing Number

  3. Enter an optional IBAN and SWIFT Code as required

  4. Enter a Description. This will appear on the invoice next to the Direct Deposit details and can provide further instuctions to your customers, such as using the Booking Reference or Invoice Number as a description on the transfer


Accepting Checks

If you wish to accept checks as a payment method on your invoice:

  1. Select Accept Cheques = YES

  2. Enter in the Account Name the Cheque is Payable To

  3. Enter the address for the cheque to be mailed to


Accepting BPay (AUS Only)

  1. Enter your BPay Biller Code

  2. The Customer Reference Number will be automatically generated and added to each invoice. Note: This will be a unique number for each booking, so customers will not be able to use the same code for repeat transactions 


Accepting Credit Cards

iVvy has the ability to add a credit card payment slip to the invoice, however due to changes in PCI compliance surrounding the storing of credit card information, it is strongly advised to not add credit card information to your invoice. We suggest using our PCI Compliant Online Pay Now Button that works with a range of online merchants.



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