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Creating Categories for your Function Spaces

Categories gives you the ability to group together different spaces or locations.

For example Meeting Rooms 1, 2 and 3 council be grouped together under the category of “Meeting Rooms”
All function spaces located on level two of the building are grouped together under the category of “Level 2”.

Categories will be show on your function diary and give you the ability to view all or one category at a time.

Categories can not be created, edited or deleted under the “Spaces” tab or within a function space itself. 


Turn on Function Space Categories

Function space categories can be turned on by navigating to Setup > Venue Details > Marketplace Profile.

Under the question “Has Function Space” - Yes
Has Function Space Categories: Yes


To Add a Category to Your Venue 

Once activated navigate to Setup > Function Spaces > Categories.

Click Add Category and type in the name you would like to use for the category.

Repeat the process to complete all categories required.

To Apply the Category to your Function Space

Navigate to Setup > Function Spaces > Spaces.

Click create or edit a existing function space; under the first tab Space the category list will appear under the description box.


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