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Accommodation Contracts

Accommodation Contracts

An Accommodation Contract can be created for each Lead to set:

  • Negotiated Rates for each sleeping room type

  • Date Range for the Contract

  • Forcast # Rooms and Revenue

  • Blockout Dates and Periods

Before creating an accommodation contract, you will need to have this feature enabled on your account. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@ivvy.com to have Accommodation Contracts added to your account.

Next, you will need to create a Lead. Learn how to Create a New Lead if you have not used the Leads Module before.

To Create an Accommodation Contract:

  1. Edit your Lead

  2. Click on Accommodation Contracts

  3. Click Add Accommodation Contract

  4. Enter the Date Period for the Contract

  5. Select the Status from the following list

  6. Select the Optional GDS Channel

  7. Select the Main Contact for the Lead

  8. Confirm the Sales Person

  9. Select if the Accommodation is Commissionable, and select an Agent and confirm the Room Night % commission

  10. Select the Venue that the Accommodation Contract Applies to

  11. Enter the Forecast Room Nights and Revenue

  12. Select the Room Type Access to set the rates offered as Last Rooms Available or Non Last Rooms Available 

  13. Set the Contract Type as Individual or Groups. Note: By defualt you should select Groups

  14. Enter the Pricing Type as Set Rate or Percentage off Rate Code. If selecting Percentage off Rate Code you will be prompted to select the Rate Plan that discounts will be applied to. The discount percentage will be applied in the next steps

  15. Type in any Inclusions

  16. Press SAVE

Blockout Dates

Next click on the Blockout Dates Tab if you wish to exclude certain dates from the contract, or if you need to apply a surcharge for a specific date(s). The surcharge can be set as a percentage or fixed amount that will be added to each room night.

Room Rates

  1. Click on Room Rates

  2. If you have selected the Pricing Type as Set Rate you will be prompted to enter in the contracted rate for each room type

  3. If you have selected the Pricing Type as Percentage off Rate Code you will be prompted to add in the discount % to be deducted from your selected Rate Plan


Once you have confirmed the details of the Contract, Blockout Dates and Room Rates, you can merge all of the details into the E-Accommodation Contract Document.

  1. Click on Documents

  2. Click Create Document > E-Accommodation Contract

  3. Select your Template. You can edit the Accommodation Contract Template from Global Settings > General > Merge Templates 
    Learn more about Editing your Document Templates. Note: You will need to COPY the original E-Accommodation Document and edit the copied version for your settings to be saved. Please contact support@ivvy.com if you are unable to copy this template and they will do this for you.

  4. Wait for the document to be created and then press Preview to review the contract

  5. Click Generate E-Document when ready

  6. To send the Accommodation Contract to your client, click on View (Customer) and copy the URL of the new tab that opens. You can then paste this URL into an email and send it directly to the client to sign. You can do the same with the View (User) URL if you need to send to a manager for approval.

You can access all of your Accommodation Contracts from Contacts > Accommodation Contract. You can edit and renegotiate the contract as required. Pro Tip: You can create a task to remind yourself when each contract is coming up for renegotiation or expiry.



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