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Late Payment Fees

Late payment fees is a feature that allows you to add a charge after a certain date. E.g. If the delegate purchases a ticket on the day, you may wish to add a $10 late administration fee, as you may need to cover costs to have someone on hand creating name badges, etc for all the late entries.
To add in a late payment fee:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Tickets > Tickets
  2. Edit the ticket the fee applies to
  3. Click on the late payment fees tab
  4. Click “Add Fee”
  5. Nominate whether the fee is a percentage of the ticket, or a set dollar amount
  6. Nominate what the date is that the fee will be automatically charged after.
  7. Click save

Late payment fees will automatically start being charged on the date. There is no maintenance required after it has been set up. 

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